Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Catch up + Lunch @ Secret Recipe Klang Parade

Decided to clear my blog debts asap. I realized the longer I take to blog a post, the lesser the insights I write about.

Lunch dates
Me, Tirzah and Atika

Twitted each other and we set the date for a meet up. I'm so glad this managed to happen! :D

We got to know each other from blogging, yeap, and we have mutual friends. The first time I met her was after SPM and she was working in Kenny Rogers, that's 3 years ago! Bubbly girl. She can be a good Kuantan tour guide, talked about the food outlets there, drools.

We met way back in primary school but we didn't really know each other until ISCF rally's committee meetings. She went to the same National Service campsite as Klin and EnTze =) She stays quite near me but we never got to meet up. I like how she said:"so easy to find meh!" LOL! agree =)

Instax! The original's colour is way better that this. As you can see, the final shot's colour is slowly appearing. Pretty pics! ^^ First time self-shot with 3 peeps, accomplishment! :D

Ops for the 2nd take. My finger was at the lens' shooting radius?! IDK what term it is. I'm keeping this =)

An hour+ meetup then Tirzah heads to Uni while Atika and I went home.
Don't you love meetups? :3
Thanks for reading, God bless you!