Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Music-filled Weekend

Using the pics I posted on Instagram for this blog entry :P

19th May 2012
Short catch-up with Jojo and Shinh Nian over SB. Jo started his graphic designing course while Shinh Nian's getting ready for entrance test, in Bahasa Indonesia woots! 
Words of wisdom: Don't play play with astig, please wear specs at all times. Not wearing it can make you fail your colour blind test for undang, talking from someone's personal experience ;) 

Later at night, headed to UPM for the performance by the music department. Beauty and the Beast. A Retelling.

It was fantastic! You just got to be there to experience it. It's like watching the movie there, just that it's live and creative with a twist =) The soloists, the choir, the orchestra, the wayang kulit display *wow* professional indeed. speechless in a good way. It was a sold-out concert btw. Thanks to Shi Yong for inviting and helping with the ticket reservation =) Feel like watching the original cartoon again~ x) yeap, I have not blogged about my previous music concerts :X

20th May 2012
Had a blessed 37th anniversary celebration in church. Children church had a special program which was prayer stations, creative indeed. Gonna be involved in a camp during June, stayed back for the meeting. Around 3pm, went to Yamaha for Win Li's Electone competition! Atika was suppose to come along but she couldn't make it. Anyway, I couldn't miss out on this so I went ahead ^^v Had fun chatting during intermission, it's been awhile. All the best! =)

Thanks for reading. Take care and God bless you! =)