Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Wheels @ Subang Avenue + Snowflake + vlog

Peeps for the day:
Me, Peik Lai, Kien Tian, Beng, Andy, Sor Wen and Sen Chen

Sometime ago, the 7 of us bought a deal on LivingSocial. Due to the renovation in The Wheels Subang Avenue, the deal was extended til 2nd May 2012. That gave the 7 of us time to arrange our schedules. I'm so glad we made it despite all the rearrangements etc. Thanks for your patience, peeps :D

7 vouchers


Vlogged! I'm a newbie, still experimenting here and there ^^v Recorded with Samsung Ace =)
Photo credits: Peik Lai

We did had a lot of fun! Most of us never skate before, that includes me. I wasn't allowed to skate as my parents were afraid that I'll fall and break my arm (again) which I can't afford that to happen now. They allowed me to go out with the peeps but not join the skating. aww. BUT I've decided since I'm already there, I just put on the skates and "fake skate" a bit with help from my peeps LOL! Childhood dream-sorta-come-true =') meehhh, you won't understand this feeling unless you are a super-protected child and you finally get to skate, too much to ask for? =)

Thanks for reading! God bless you =)