Friday, 29 June 2012

Away We Happened

Away We Happened - Ep 6 Finale

Ki Hong and Amy are so good at acting, their scripts are funny yet there are words for thought LOL! I'm happy that the short series ended on a good note =) Oh I love how Daniel and Jean are alike in some ways, the scene was EPIC! Do watch the rest of the episodes, peeps =) *does the VV sign* WF4L! :D

"2nd chances are hard to come by, make it count"

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fun Run and other random stuff

26th May 2012
Sor Wen shared Standard Chartered's Fun Run website on the Ladies Group. We thought many of us signed up but when the time to collect the race kit comes, many couldn't make it =( Anyways, we had fun running and sweating :) Many activities were happening around Putrajaya in conjunction with the National Youth Day.

Kehpoh Sor Wen and me. Conquered 5km! :P
Missing: Andy and Kien Tian, the camera shys
Fun Run 2012

I decided to vlog a bit but didn't turned out ok =( Should do it more often and be more consistent =/

Lunch at Duck King, Jaya One.Yummy :9 and super full after lunch.

Was tired after the run, did not want to walk much or shop in the Markets event. Got a few pendants and Mindy's present though :D Headed to Snowflake after that :9

Blog debt clearing hehes! ^^v

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day out with Wynne

Warning: Super girly post. Read at own risk :P

Darling Wynne is back for the summer holiday! Before that, we did a brief planning to have a lunch date or just spend some time together. I thought a mani-pedi session would be nice. Googled for nail salons in Bangsar and surprisingly a deal from Livingsocial came up. I thought the deal was not bad. If I were to have nail polish on my fingernails, it doesn't last long, prolly for just 1 whole day cuz of piano, it chips real fast :o That is why I don't go for mani-pedi session, it's like getting my nails nice, clean and painted then after a day, gone LOL, unless it's to have some girly time with my girls ;)
Photo credits: Wynne

Wynne and me

21st June: Took the train to Bangsar, timing was right so arrived earlier than expected, not much of waiting for the train to come. While waiting for Wynne, I grabbed a drink at Old Town White Coffee.

Blackcurrant yogurt smoothie. 

Headed to Urban O.P.I. Nail Salon in Jalan Telawi 5. 
#likeaboss moment ^^
like a boss ;)

The Livingsocial vouchers.
Personal tip: Only purchase deals from online group buying sites when you know that you'll use it before the redemption period ends.
Fun fact: That was the last day of redemption LOL! :P

Pretty colours *^.^*

Lunch at Ben's General Food Store in Bangsar Village

Lamb shank pie. Yumms!
Lamb shank pie

Iced tea
Iced tea

Cod and pineapple salad
Cod and pineapple salad 

The food portion seemed small but I wasn't hungry after lunch until it was time for dinner.Lovely time spent with her. Chatted about the drivers in Malaysia and in UK till her no.longer.a.secret result day. She did well!  "1/5 of a doctor now!"-quoting Wynne :D

Elegant + Summer colour

Headed back straight after lunch 'cuz I have piano class in the afternoon. Met up with sis in Sunway then mum picked us up. Hope to have more mini outings with mai twin =)

As I am blogging this, my pedi colour has been removed 'cuz the sunshine yellow didn't turned out well =( and yeap, polish on fingernails chipped LOL.
Thanks for reading ;) God bless you peeps!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Thank You =)

Above all the blog debts I have, I must blog about this first.

Written last night, with pencil and paper.

Today was a tiring day for me. Long day indeed. Lay on my bed trying to get some rest yet thoughts from earlier on still was stuck in my head. My piano performance this year was somehow better than last year but I felt much encouraged last year and if I can say, discouraged this time.

Few nights ago, I randomly browsed through my phone's photo album to clear some old pictures that I've transferred into the comp long time ago. Saw a pic of a note in a booklet. I haven't seen it for quite awhile. Went to where I thought it would be to search for it but did not find it. Tonight, I decided to look for it again. Found it in my bookshelf where I store books that I rarely use.

My favourite colour. Familiar handwriting. A birthday gift. Flipping and reading the messages written on random chosen pages, it still speaks to me as an encouragement, except that I am not studying now LOL. Besides some integration math notes and phrases I copied from a book  I've read, the rest of the handwriting ain't mine.

Familiar number.

Reading about your updates hit me hard, you went through a lot, I was still there at the front part of the updates, then after that it's like I wasn't there for you. Such a lousy friend I am. Above all, I am happy that God has been watching over you, providing all your needs and most of all, your faith grew stronger.

Never thought I'll blog it out. Shared it with a used-to-be listener on the night that everything just floods back, raw thoughts. Now, after processing those raw thoughts, I decided to record this down on my blog, as a milestone in my life, indeed I've grown a lot since the time you've known me, from KH til high school =) You knew what I can accept and what I can't. Come to think of it, I was keeping this friendship, you went MIA from most of your friends? (according to the updates) You were a memory keeper, you know I have a long to-do list after STPM, some which I've done, some far from starting.

I believe God puts ppl into my life for a reason. They are there so that I can learn life lessons from them. and when God puts them away, I guess I've learned what I was suppose to learn from these ppl. Although we no longer keep in touch like we used to, of friendship will be one that I will remember. Thank you, my siao-with-me friend, from the bottom of my heart. Wish you well =)

Most of all, Thank You, God. When there's an obstacle in front of me, I pray that You will help me to be strong enough to face it and go through it, not opt. for the easy way out.

Dear whoever who read this from the top to the bottom, thank you so much, you may be confused (cuz this is not written for you) LOL, but still, it meant a lot to me that you survived reading this wordy lengthy post =") Now I wonder who actually reads but nvm! haha! I'm still learning in life, learning to say hello and goodbye. I appreciate the ppl I still have with me, life is just so fragile. I humbly say that I made tonnes of mistakes and I want to make them right in God's eyes. God bless you! *hugs*

Perfect song to end this post.

Ryan Cabrera - I Will Remember You

Planning to use it for a farewell party. shh. Just maybe. hehes.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Soy bean custard! aka Taufufa :9 Mum made it when relatives came over, so happened MYan dropped me home so she get to taste it. She asked mum for the recipe and mum invited her for the next taufufa making. Kehpoh Sen Chen was jeles :P

Since I have lunch date with the peeps on Saturday, mum decided to make taufufa again. MYan came to my place at 8am. She helped out the whole process but the whole pot of taufufa goes to the peeps LOL! Now who is jeles? :P

Festival of God's Power at Bukit Jalil Stadium Carpark B. I went for the first night's event. Met Yi Heng who went for the conference in FGAKL as well. Amazing to see many lives touched.

Cin Yan came back from his vacationS LOL! Dropped by after getting his CDL in JPJ. Souvenirs! Thoughtful. Nope, cover not in progress, doubt it'll be done as everyone's so busy! Idk if he and KC will do another funny ukulele cover :P

Youth Sunday! Titus was on duty to usher. Arrived church at 8am for sis' worship practice/sound check. New sound system woots! According to sis, they have to put on the headphones and it ain't comfortable. Titus peeps were told to dress our best. Me being vain here? nono. Decided to snap my outfit since the vest was given to me by Mindy and the maxi dress was from MYan =) appreciate it much.

So happy to see Ps Victor, went to say hi, he was as friendly as always. His wife did not come this time. Sermon was so touching. Cry baby me, when I said it was touching, it was, okay :") I kinda tested the questions that Ps Vic mentioned, on my parents. Not good :/ Not proud. Anyways! Met the new friends Fed brought the previous week when I was away for camp. Fed had to work on Sunday and he missed Youth Sunday aww!

Sermon ended with this song. A God so great who ran for me. Amazing Love.

5 years of blogging, never thought I would ever get something out of blogging. This is so Unexpected =) The blog post that won me the deal bucks =>*click* Outing with the ladies gang ;) Thank you, Livingsocial MY!


Thanks for reading! God bless you =)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Visited KHCU's camp that was held in Klang Presbyterian Church after piano class. Called Pn Cheah twice to just let her know I'll be dropping by but she did not answer. Decided to crash in :P It's KHCU's 3rd time having camps here, 2 times during my KH days, the church is so generous to let KHCU use their place =)

All soaked after games!

Spent almost 2 hours there, was suppose to have dinner with the F6 peeps but Pn Cheah insisted I stay over for dinner and catch-up more, how sweet of her. Indeed, it was a pleasant time talking to the teachers and juniors. Thank God for social media, we do keep in touch via KHCU's FB group =) our blog is kinda cold :X


Helped out in EMC-WH's Family Camp. The camp was held at Shahzan Inn, Fraser's Hill. The last time I came to Fraser's was for the Bangsar Gospel Church Kid's camp. Did not snap many pictures this time as I was more occupied compared to when I helped out in BGC's camp, which is a good thing. I finally stepped out and get my hands to help in other aspects than to just hide behind the synthesizer ^^ The programme we ran was on Prayer Attitudes.

The kids were asked to write down what they want to praise God for. Very innocent, honest answers =) Their answers were shown to their parents during the presentation night on Sunday.

Kids sharing.

The Team! cute ain't? x)
we used this as an icebreaker game, done this in BGC camp too.
Baby pics

The kids were excited to show their parents what they've learned during the camp.
The crowd during presentation night.


I'm very encouraged in many ways. Ps Ng Kok Moi's (my roomie!) passion in the children's ministry is definitely a calling  from God, how many would give up a career as a dentist and serve as a full-time children's pastor for God? The Ngs are a blessing indeed. It did not stop Aunty Renee from coming to the camp and serve even with a 3 months old baby. Evangeline has mood swings, a lot! Ain't easy to care for the baby and to serve but together with Uncle Matthew, they managed =) Some of the EMC peeps said that it's encouraging to see them have the baby around, some parents with new-born baby won't even bring the baby to church until the baby reached 6 months old ('cuz of bacteria? :/) Anyone can carry lil Evangeline, as long as you return her to the parents after that LOL. Che Lisha left on Sunday afternoon due to her job on Monday. Still, she made time for this camp, drove us up to Fraser's and around for sightseeing hehes. The kids love the games she conducted and the team cheer =) The kids, they are just fantastic, their hunger to know more about God, their joyful faces, priceless =) Thank you all, I've learned a lot. Thank God for this wonderful opportunity to use my holiday for His purpose. 

God bless you who are reading this =)

Clay Moulding workshop

It's June! And I've not cleared my blogvlog debts :X procrastinating on blogging, which is ok as I got my calender packed! Let's see..

Finally, we found a time slot where all 4 of us are available to attend the Clay Moulding workshop. Bought this deal from Groupon. *click if you want to kehpoh more ;)*
Arrived Myan's house at 8 am, she thought it would be jammed but surprisingly the road was kinda clear. Picked Luyi and Shyvonne at Kelana station then off to Kota Damansara.


Our teacher, Frena is patient and good at teaching us the basics of clay moulding. I had fun, feeling like a kid again playing with play dough ^^v The clay they used was polymer clay, it does not have a strong smell and only hardens when you bake it in the oven.

One of the shapes we learnt, star xP

2 hours passed by real quick. Our turtles were put into the oven to bake under 100 degrees for 10 minutes, let to cool for another 10mins. The final product. Happy-looking clay turtles ^^

Shyvonne and Luyi bought a total of 13 blocks of clay to D.I.Y. at home. Can't wait to see what they make :D Why didn't I buy the clays too? I like to try new things, still not sure whether I'll actually spend my time on this yet =) If you followed me on Twitter, yes, I was a HELP psychology student for 3 hours. Interesting class on social influence ;) Then went home with Myan. Thanks dear! Oh, my relatives from Singapore are here! :D

Thanks for reading!