Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Clay Moulding workshop

It's June! And I've not cleared my blogvlog debts :X procrastinating on blogging, which is ok as I got my calender packed! Let's see..

Finally, we found a time slot where all 4 of us are available to attend the Clay Moulding workshop. Bought this deal from Groupon. *click if you want to kehpoh more ;)*
Arrived Myan's house at 8 am, she thought it would be jammed but surprisingly the road was kinda clear. Picked Luyi and Shyvonne at Kelana station then off to Kota Damansara.


Our teacher, Frena is patient and good at teaching us the basics of clay moulding. I had fun, feeling like a kid again playing with play dough ^^v The clay they used was polymer clay, it does not have a strong smell and only hardens when you bake it in the oven.

One of the shapes we learnt, star xP

2 hours passed by real quick. Our turtles were put into the oven to bake under 100 degrees for 10 minutes, let to cool for another 10mins. The final product. Happy-looking clay turtles ^^

Shyvonne and Luyi bought a total of 13 blocks of clay to D.I.Y. at home. Can't wait to see what they make :D Why didn't I buy the clays too? I like to try new things, still not sure whether I'll actually spend my time on this yet =) If you followed me on Twitter, yes, I was a HELP psychology student for 3 hours. Interesting class on social influence ;) Then went home with Myan. Thanks dear! Oh, my relatives from Singapore are here! :D

Thanks for reading!