Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day out with Wynne

Warning: Super girly post. Read at own risk :P

Darling Wynne is back for the summer holiday! Before that, we did a brief planning to have a lunch date or just spend some time together. I thought a mani-pedi session would be nice. Googled for nail salons in Bangsar and surprisingly a deal from Livingsocial came up. I thought the deal was not bad. If I were to have nail polish on my fingernails, it doesn't last long, prolly for just 1 whole day cuz of piano, it chips real fast :o That is why I don't go for mani-pedi session, it's like getting my nails nice, clean and painted then after a day, gone LOL, unless it's to have some girly time with my girls ;)
Photo credits: Wynne

Wynne and me

21st June: Took the train to Bangsar, timing was right so arrived earlier than expected, not much of waiting for the train to come. While waiting for Wynne, I grabbed a drink at Old Town White Coffee.

Blackcurrant yogurt smoothie. 

Headed to Urban O.P.I. Nail Salon in Jalan Telawi 5. 
#likeaboss moment ^^
like a boss ;)

The Livingsocial vouchers.
Personal tip: Only purchase deals from online group buying sites when you know that you'll use it before the redemption period ends.
Fun fact: That was the last day of redemption LOL! :P

Pretty colours *^.^*

Lunch at Ben's General Food Store in Bangsar Village

Lamb shank pie. Yumms!
Lamb shank pie

Iced tea
Iced tea

Cod and pineapple salad
Cod and pineapple salad 

The food portion seemed small but I wasn't hungry after lunch until it was time for dinner.Lovely time spent with her. Chatted about the drivers in Malaysia and in UK till her no.longer.a.secret result day. She did well!  "1/5 of a doctor now!"-quoting Wynne :D

Elegant + Summer colour

Headed back straight after lunch 'cuz I have piano class in the afternoon. Met up with sis in Sunway then mum picked us up. Hope to have more mini outings with mai twin =)

As I am blogging this, my pedi colour has been removed 'cuz the sunshine yellow didn't turned out well =( and yeap, polish on fingernails chipped LOL.
Thanks for reading ;) God bless you peeps!