Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fun Run and other random stuff

26th May 2012
Sor Wen shared Standard Chartered's Fun Run website on the Ladies Group. We thought many of us signed up but when the time to collect the race kit comes, many couldn't make it =( Anyways, we had fun running and sweating :) Many activities were happening around Putrajaya in conjunction with the National Youth Day.

Kehpoh Sor Wen and me. Conquered 5km! :P
Missing: Andy and Kien Tian, the camera shys
Fun Run 2012

I decided to vlog a bit but didn't turned out ok =( Should do it more often and be more consistent =/

Lunch at Duck King, Jaya One.Yummy :9 and super full after lunch.

Was tired after the run, did not want to walk much or shop in the Markets event. Got a few pendants and Mindy's present though :D Headed to Snowflake after that :9

Blog debt clearing hehes! ^^v