Monday, 25 June 2012

Thank You =)

Above all the blog debts I have, I must blog about this first.

Written last night, with pencil and paper.

Today was a tiring day for me. Long day indeed. Lay on my bed trying to get some rest yet thoughts from earlier on still was stuck in my head. My piano performance this year was somehow better than last year but I felt much encouraged last year and if I can say, discouraged this time.

Few nights ago, I randomly browsed through my phone's photo album to clear some old pictures that I've transferred into the comp long time ago. Saw a pic of a note in a booklet. I haven't seen it for quite awhile. Went to where I thought it would be to search for it but did not find it. Tonight, I decided to look for it again. Found it in my bookshelf where I store books that I rarely use.

My favourite colour. Familiar handwriting. A birthday gift. Flipping and reading the messages written on random chosen pages, it still speaks to me as an encouragement, except that I am not studying now LOL. Besides some integration math notes and phrases I copied from a book  I've read, the rest of the handwriting ain't mine.

Familiar number.

Reading about your updates hit me hard, you went through a lot, I was still there at the front part of the updates, then after that it's like I wasn't there for you. Such a lousy friend I am. Above all, I am happy that God has been watching over you, providing all your needs and most of all, your faith grew stronger.

Never thought I'll blog it out. Shared it with a used-to-be listener on the night that everything just floods back, raw thoughts. Now, after processing those raw thoughts, I decided to record this down on my blog, as a milestone in my life, indeed I've grown a lot since the time you've known me, from KH til high school =) You knew what I can accept and what I can't. Come to think of it, I was keeping this friendship, you went MIA from most of your friends? (according to the updates) You were a memory keeper, you know I have a long to-do list after STPM, some which I've done, some far from starting.

I believe God puts ppl into my life for a reason. They are there so that I can learn life lessons from them. and when God puts them away, I guess I've learned what I was suppose to learn from these ppl. Although we no longer keep in touch like we used to, of friendship will be one that I will remember. Thank you, my siao-with-me friend, from the bottom of my heart. Wish you well =)

Most of all, Thank You, God. When there's an obstacle in front of me, I pray that You will help me to be strong enough to face it and go through it, not opt. for the easy way out.

Dear whoever who read this from the top to the bottom, thank you so much, you may be confused (cuz this is not written for you) LOL, but still, it meant a lot to me that you survived reading this wordy lengthy post =") Now I wonder who actually reads but nvm! haha! I'm still learning in life, learning to say hello and goodbye. I appreciate the ppl I still have with me, life is just so fragile. I humbly say that I made tonnes of mistakes and I want to make them right in God's eyes. God bless you! *hugs*

Perfect song to end this post.

Ryan Cabrera - I Will Remember You

Planning to use it for a farewell party. shh. Just maybe. hehes.