Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Soy bean custard! aka Taufufa :9 Mum made it when relatives came over, so happened MYan dropped me home so she get to taste it. She asked mum for the recipe and mum invited her for the next taufufa making. Kehpoh Sen Chen was jeles :P

Since I have lunch date with the peeps on Saturday, mum decided to make taufufa again. MYan came to my place at 8am. She helped out the whole process but the whole pot of taufufa goes to the peeps LOL! Now who is jeles? :P

Festival of God's Power at Bukit Jalil Stadium Carpark B. I went for the first night's event. Met Yi Heng who went for the conference in FGAKL as well. Amazing to see many lives touched.

Cin Yan came back from his vacationS LOL! Dropped by after getting his CDL in JPJ. Souvenirs! Thoughtful. Nope, cover not in progress, doubt it'll be done as everyone's so busy! Idk if he and KC will do another funny ukulele cover :P

Youth Sunday! Titus was on duty to usher. Arrived church at 8am for sis' worship practice/sound check. New sound system woots! According to sis, they have to put on the headphones and it ain't comfortable. Titus peeps were told to dress our best. Me being vain here? nono. Decided to snap my outfit since the vest was given to me by Mindy and the maxi dress was from MYan =) appreciate it much.

So happy to see Ps Victor, went to say hi, he was as friendly as always. His wife did not come this time. Sermon was so touching. Cry baby me, when I said it was touching, it was, okay :") I kinda tested the questions that Ps Vic mentioned, on my parents. Not good :/ Not proud. Anyways! Met the new friends Fed brought the previous week when I was away for camp. Fed had to work on Sunday and he missed Youth Sunday aww!

Sermon ended with this song. A God so great who ran for me. Amazing Love.

5 years of blogging, never thought I would ever get something out of blogging. This is so Unexpected =) The blog post that won me the deal bucks =>*click* Outing with the ladies gang ;) Thank you, Livingsocial MY!


Thanks for reading! God bless you =)