Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Weekend + Monday updates


Klang ISCF rally "Forever Alone?"
My 8th ISCF rally woots! time flies. Went with the siblings and Joyce. The message by Pastor Andy Yeoh was powerful, taken from a familiar passage about Zaccheus, the tax collector. It spoke to many ones. To not be forever alone is to be with the One who is forever. And of course, I took this opportunity to meet the peeps I've not seen in awhile =) I so miss the time when I have cammie with me and I have all the pics haha! These pics are taken from FB :P My sister just have to ask if I am sitting with the KH peeps or STK peeps. Dilemma anot. Isaac being kind told me to go with the KH peeps and have fun, since majority of the STK peeps were guys. I ended up with the F6 peeps LOL!

In  STK, I met not 1 but 2 peeps who share the same birthday as me. Happy much. Finally took an after-rally pic together :D Isaac, me and Jojo!

Taken during last year's rally. Isaac the busy was missing LOL!

My sis' friend from primary school. She went MIA and Natthan had to go home so we went ahead to have a pic together =) He's leaving to the States next year! All the best yea.

All smiles

My brother for almost 7 months aka Federick is going back to Sabah! We'll miss the super SNSD fan, insta-maniac, underwear shop top salesperson, S.S. pro, cili padi lover, I mean, you LOL.

Yesterday. Randomness. Decided to pick Myan and off we go to Eil's house, spent more time than planned, wait, there wasn't a plan LOL! Had to go for ukulele class later at night, Thank God we made it on time. Me, Myan, Eil and my blue intax's twin *hehes*

1 more day til Eil heads to India. She was suppose to fly off last Friday but JPA postponed the flight. More time to spend together =")

Thanks for reading peeps, be blessed! =)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bits and pieces-music events

Night of Harmony 
The performance was great. Just have to be there to experience it. Many have this misconception that events like this are costly. Not at all seriously. Furthermore, this is a fundraising event =) Event was conducted in Mandarin.

There were not many ppl in my zone, see the empty spaces? Me and dad decided not to move forward cuz being too near the stage ain't good, can't see the whole choir LOL. Much overdue post I know. Took vids but I can't get the vlog done, just don't know how to edit and shorten the vids when all of it are just as amazing LOL. It's in progress actually but it's so long, might re-post. I like how they made the booklet with name of performers, name of the pieces, lyrics etc. included. and yes, I still keep it =)

Performance at Chinwoo 16-6-2012

The booklet

Photo credits: Eil's S3~
Chinese Orchestra. Spot Mun Yan ;)

Uncle Chor!

The dearies who attended the performance~
Good vocals from the choir but wished there were mics being set up. When the finale came, the Chinese Orchestra literally drowned their voices. What a pity but definitely there's room for improvement =)

The Next day~
5th Roland Music Festival 2012. Came to support Jerald! 17-6-12

Spot him at the Organ Solo Category

Although he did not win but it was a great experience for him. He was one of my interview mates. He'll be studying in UPM with the other peeps =)

23-6-12 Jayesslee! Long story, no pics but it was a good night after all. My concert kakis are awesome! ;) even more awesome with my sis around. Long story as well :P

Next day~
24-6-12 Teacher's concert for her students in one of the mini auditorium at Hin Hua. My 2nd performance, definitely need to improve, A LOT.

Music Revolution at Yamaha Academy of Arts and Music 14-7-12
Was LATE for the event cuz had Chinese church Youth Sunday practice before this. Thanks for the invite again, Win Li! =)

Noticed how some of my weekends are packed with these events and me attending them alone? LOL. Thanks for scrolling down these pics LOL, God bless! =)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hang outs

Impromptu mamak session on Tuesday Night with Suey Erz, Sen Chen and Kien Tian. Action snap-ped with one of the kehpohs, we missed Sor Wen!

*all smiles**in deep thinking**shocked!**don't mess with us kehpohs*

Wednesday afternoon spent at Snogurt with the Mach.

New lappie! Helped this blur guy with his uni documents :P *serious mode*

Thanks Kehpoh Sor Wen for sharing this =)

Extracted from the article:

"Given a choice between wading chest-deep though crocodile-infested waters and sitting the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia examination, most students say they would choose the former."

"it has been pointed out that only the extremely masochistic or one whose life provides no other options will attempt STPM."

"STPM is certainly not for the weak of heart and feeble of will"

"I was one of those who scraped through, despite being an (almost) straight-A scorer in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia."

"We cannot compare them (referring to STPM and matriculation) as they are essentially two different examinations."


Preparing for uni life, writing a list of things to do, bring and buy. So glad that Wei Ting shared this website with me. Check it out => http://um.clc2u.com/ I'm in the 12th College, which is quite near the Cultural Centre, twin sharing room. I guess, God knows what's best for me, again. Praise God =) Had my first piano class with the new teacher. I really have to take good care of my hands and watch out if there's any unusual pain. My teacher's ex-course mate had to rest his/her hands for the entire semester to recover from hand injury, not from sports or whatever but from piano playing, wrong technique used I guess? ouch. I've been sharing the uni news with ppl I think would love to hear from me, at a more personal level (calling, messaging etc., basically hearing it 1st hand from me), might be a bit late, but a friend said it's better than never LOL. Thank you all for your prayers and support <3  Feeling much better now.

One of my fave random shots. Inspired.
God bless you! =)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Girls day out

13th of July

The day UPU result was released at 12 noon! Anyways, no more hill of lights. New name is Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam LOL. The dearies decided to grab some fresh air. Myan stays just beside the place but haven't been here for a long time. The last time we all had a trip here was 2 years ago!

Loves for the day: Eil, Klin, Yuyu and Myan ^^v

Didn't quite explore the place as Myan had to leave at 10.45am for another trip. We did have fun just talking, taking pics, creating new memories =) I was super blur, forgot to bring along my Recesky TLR, miss playing with it. Myan did bring along her UWS and Action Sampler :D

Captured this with Eil's Samsung S3. Nice eh? ;) Come on, not that bad la :P The sky was so beautiful.

More to come. Just a matter of time =) God bless!

Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut :

Thank God :") Congrats to all STPM-ers who got their uni offers =)
From the time I apply for universities til the time when the result comes out, it's quite a long period there. That's the time when I think a lot, meet new ppl, see new things. I'm feeling differently about all of these. My other interview mates? In case you don't know them, they were with me for UPM and UM's interview/audition. All of them got into UPM's music performance course. They are a bunch of ppl who are willing to help and teach me the techniques they've learn for piano playing, as well as methods to calm down before a performance/competition LOL. Blog debt: Jerald's competition. Ops. Hope I can get that done soon. I would like to be around ppl like these, they motivate me without being competitive, makes sense? But aww, they said I can visit them. My senior in UPM asked if I did get into UPM, which I did not. Double aww. AND the Christian Fellowship! Triple aww. I do hope UM has one and is as welcoming. If the uni chose the students base on their STPM pointers, I passed that as the requirement was a minimum 2.0; if the uni chose us base on our performance in music, I am sure that I did badly compared to the other talented musicians. I am truly thankful to secure a place in UM.

Do I make you proud?
If it weren't for STPM, I would not have the guts to pursue music. Definitely settle for something SAFE. Thinking back, everything was planned out. I was suppose to study in the university my dad graduated from, but of course, it didn't turned out that way. Finally, I am taken seriously. Neutral state: I have the freedom to choose my course yet my parents doesn't seem to be supportive all the way, I hope they are though. It's funny how my besties are proud of me when that is for my parents to say/feel. I've decided to be rebellious (in a good way of course), signed up for a month of violin lessons. You see, how am I suppose to know if music is for me when all I do is just play the piano? Music is more than that. Thank God for the holiday, I had the time to attend various music competition and performance, got more exposure, broadened my horizon. I'm very thankful that my parents have provided everything that is physical and seen. The recent Sunday was Youth Sunday for Chinese Church. I see the importance of dedicating a child fully to God and parents are to raise them not according to human standards but God's. I never knew I was dedicated as an infant until I was tagged to an old photo of the dedication ceremony on FB. My parents never talked about it. The fact that God looks after His children is just so comforting to me. I'm still learning to control my emotions as it's like a swing, up and the next moment, down, messed up huh? LOL.

So my closest of all F6 friends, Klin decided to take up the offer at USM Kelantan and pull out from IMU. Other CU peeps,  EnTze in Sabah, Wei Kwang my interview mate, UPM. Shinh Nian is going to Indonesia. Photography club gang: Sor Wen in Penang, Sen Chen in Sarawak together with Kien Tian. Andy in Sabah. Machi Beng at UPM! All the best to all of you.

I am happy but at the same time, at emotionally + spiritually low state. I need strength from above to face this new chapter of life. I am grateful for all who have been so supportive to me whether it's emotionally or spiritually, or even both. Klin who has been with me for the longest time, this is the FIRST time we'll be in a different place studying. There's a kid inside of me. You know how it feels for a lil kid to be in a new school? Well, I never had to feel that until now. I rather be in the middle of nowhere with a buddy than to be alone in the best place ever. That's just me. I'm bad at farewells.

Thank you for your prayers and wishes, and also for reading. God bless you =)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Was listening to this the other day and twitted about it. Reminds me of Rachel, super fan LOL. I'm not a fan yet I guess, don't even know their names :P

One Direction - Gotta Be You
"Stop the tape and rewind"

Finished reading The Five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom in just a night which was yesterday, insomnia ttm! Good read though. It's been awhile since I ever blog about a book review, maybe I should? =) Trying to freshen up my blog's colour combo, bear with the odd combo for now :P Excited much about tomorrow. Hill of lights! ;) and IPTA RESULTS

God bless you!

Friday, 6 July 2012

MC Jin live in KL

MC Jin live in KL: In my dreams 4th May 2012

The first time I heard of MC Jin was when I watched Jaeson Ma's 1040 movie. Then, I followed Jin on Twitter and his blog. He has an interesting story to tell about his life and his faith. American-born Chinese now based in Hong Kong. Excited to catch him perform live. Groupon Malaysia (and ilovediscounts later on) had a deal for the concert. IDK if Jin's management can actually earn or not, it was a good deal for me, but that left me searching for a concert kaki as the ticket was for 2 person. I do not know of any other ppl who are likely to be interested, asked all around, spammed a lot :x but couldn't find anyone =(


*drumrolls* I sent a msg to Wei Yan just before the deal closes and unexpectedly, he was willing to go with me even though he knew nothing about MC Jin LOL! It's been awhile since we last catch-up with one another, he and TZ kor don't even meet up if I weren't there to initiate it. Soon soon!

Concert kakis! Thank you! :D

Met 3 super fans. The girls were amazing! Susan flew back from Indonesia (she's a med student), bought Rock Zone ticket and was planning to go home with the cab alone :O Shu Teng and Shu Er (not sisters but besties) took a midnight bus from Penang, reach early morning, shopped around KL til the concert and was planning to walk to the bus station after the concert to head home. We offered all 3 of them a ride 'cuz by then, they might miss the bus, quite a distance to walk and it ain't safe! Glad to meet them, they know so much about Jin and his songs, I only know the latest ones and I ain't a super crazy fan :P Oh and the song featuring Jeremy Lin's voice- Nick of time, Jin didn't perform that during the concert aw!

The vlog. watch at own RISK!

Being at the upper tier allows me to observe the crowd. Amazing crowd! I did notice the 2 lucky fans at the Rock Zone, they literally rap along to almost all of Jin's Cantonese songs. Jin invited them up to sit and perform together. For a crazy fan, that is the BEST thing ever.

Pics credit: Susan aka Zhen Lohas

Opening act. Dennis Lau, violinist + Shawn Lee, beatboxer. Malaysian talent *bangga*

Jin and DJ Quickie

I liked how Jin supported our local talent and that they weren't there just for the opening act but to perform together with Jin =) Freestyle woots!

EPIC durian eating session!

Had a blast! So much to tell that you just got to be there to experience it LOL! My first rap concert. My parents had opinions about this but music ain't just about the classical ones, this is music as well ;) Thanks for reading =) God bless you!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Youtube Junkie

I Youtube alot. Started off with classical piano pieces when my teacher told me to. Then covers, originals etc. Explain no more. 往未来飞的客机 is definitely PERFECT but I was looking around for more. Suitable for Eil? IDK. Any Tamil songs to recommend? since she's going to India. :P

No distance- Jason Chen
"No matter how far we are from each other, there's no distance from you and I."

Earlier was youtube-ing for classical pieces to introduce them to my ex-classmate. Some pieces just requires me to be emo to get into the style of playing the piano, makes sense? well spent day, some pieces are sooo long *jawdrop*

Enjoy! =)

Hello July!

*jengjengjeng* Hello 2nd part of year 2012!

Kicked started July with... FEVER! :o :x Not that I wanted it. I was feeling fine the last day of June. Went to shop for the girls' birthday present with Myan and Klin at Pyramid. Last min was the Driver of the day~ Exhausting day. I seldom go to shopping malls, maybe the air? Anyways, this is probably my first time falling that sick this year. Back home, dizzy, heat, sweating, check temp, 39 degree cel. I don't remember skipping church cuz of fever, if I can move around, I'll still go.  Was suppose to be on duty for Children's church + pianist for Chinese church but my head was so dizzy when I try to sit up, like I'm going to faint anytime. Arranged for replacement, thanks to Wynne <3 good to have her :3

Hoped to get well for Eil's birthday + farewell dinner but I just couldn't make it, so sick on bed T.T and yea, alone, hence the spams on Twitter. Sorry. Was suppose to wrap the presents, got up to do so when I was feeling a bit better but the tape I have ain't sticky enough for Myan's super good quality wrapper LOL, and of course, back to bed :/ Myan came to pick up the stuff, didn't want her to see my sickly face. Ironically, I created the event page.Unpredictable. Informed Eil that I am unable to attend, hardest thing to do. Anyways, I'm so happy Eil had a wonderful celebration and I am missed *MELTS* I feel like I'm there even though I'm not physically there.

 These peeps are <3 

Missed out on Su Mei and En Yew, they were there!

Wearing the necklace that we got for her :) romantic much~

The birthday + belated birthday girls and their presents!

Myan went over to Eil's place to watch the UEFA finals! That should be me too but oh well. Chatted with Eil yesterday. Frankly told her that we have no idea what to get her for her birthday but we really want to show that we appreciate her =) same goes for the other dearies ^^ I never really learn to say goodbye, I prefer see you-s.Things being so unpredictable but I hope to send Eil off at the airport, it will be my first. Murukus from India, I'll be waiting :'D Result for uni will be out this month. I pray for no delays, the wait is sorta killing me. Nevertheless, I surrender it all to God.

God bless you! =)