Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bits and pieces-music events

Night of Harmony 
The performance was great. Just have to be there to experience it. Many have this misconception that events like this are costly. Not at all seriously. Furthermore, this is a fundraising event =) Event was conducted in Mandarin.

There were not many ppl in my zone, see the empty spaces? Me and dad decided not to move forward cuz being too near the stage ain't good, can't see the whole choir LOL. Much overdue post I know. Took vids but I can't get the vlog done, just don't know how to edit and shorten the vids when all of it are just as amazing LOL. It's in progress actually but it's so long, might re-post. I like how they made the booklet with name of performers, name of the pieces, lyrics etc. included. and yes, I still keep it =)

Performance at Chinwoo 16-6-2012

The booklet

Photo credits: Eil's S3~
Chinese Orchestra. Spot Mun Yan ;)

Uncle Chor!

The dearies who attended the performance~
Good vocals from the choir but wished there were mics being set up. When the finale came, the Chinese Orchestra literally drowned their voices. What a pity but definitely there's room for improvement =)

The Next day~
5th Roland Music Festival 2012. Came to support Jerald! 17-6-12

Spot him at the Organ Solo Category

Although he did not win but it was a great experience for him. He was one of my interview mates. He'll be studying in UPM with the other peeps =)

23-6-12 Jayesslee! Long story, no pics but it was a good night after all. My concert kakis are awesome! ;) even more awesome with my sis around. Long story as well :P

Next day~
24-6-12 Teacher's concert for her students in one of the mini auditorium at Hin Hua. My 2nd performance, definitely need to improve, A LOT.

Music Revolution at Yamaha Academy of Arts and Music 14-7-12
Was LATE for the event cuz had Chinese church Youth Sunday practice before this. Thanks for the invite again, Win Li! =)

Noticed how some of my weekends are packed with these events and me attending them alone? LOL. Thanks for scrolling down these pics LOL, God bless! =)