Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hello July!

*jengjengjeng* Hello 2nd part of year 2012!

Kicked started July with... FEVER! :o :x Not that I wanted it. I was feeling fine the last day of June. Went to shop for the girls' birthday present with Myan and Klin at Pyramid. Last min was the Driver of the day~ Exhausting day. I seldom go to shopping malls, maybe the air? Anyways, this is probably my first time falling that sick this year. Back home, dizzy, heat, sweating, check temp, 39 degree cel. I don't remember skipping church cuz of fever, if I can move around, I'll still go.  Was suppose to be on duty for Children's church + pianist for Chinese church but my head was so dizzy when I try to sit up, like I'm going to faint anytime. Arranged for replacement, thanks to Wynne <3 good to have her :3

Hoped to get well for Eil's birthday + farewell dinner but I just couldn't make it, so sick on bed T.T and yea, alone, hence the spams on Twitter. Sorry. Was suppose to wrap the presents, got up to do so when I was feeling a bit better but the tape I have ain't sticky enough for Myan's super good quality wrapper LOL, and of course, back to bed :/ Myan came to pick up the stuff, didn't want her to see my sickly face. Ironically, I created the event page.Unpredictable. Informed Eil that I am unable to attend, hardest thing to do. Anyways, I'm so happy Eil had a wonderful celebration and I am missed *MELTS* I feel like I'm there even though I'm not physically there.

 These peeps are <3 

Missed out on Su Mei and En Yew, they were there!

Wearing the necklace that we got for her :) romantic much~

The birthday + belated birthday girls and their presents!

Myan went over to Eil's place to watch the UEFA finals! That should be me too but oh well. Chatted with Eil yesterday. Frankly told her that we have no idea what to get her for her birthday but we really want to show that we appreciate her =) same goes for the other dearies ^^ I never really learn to say goodbye, I prefer see you-s.Things being so unpredictable but I hope to send Eil off at the airport, it will be my first. Murukus from India, I'll be waiting :'D Result for uni will be out this month. I pray for no delays, the wait is sorta killing me. Nevertheless, I surrender it all to God.

God bless you! =)