Friday, 6 July 2012

MC Jin live in KL

MC Jin live in KL: In my dreams 4th May 2012

The first time I heard of MC Jin was when I watched Jaeson Ma's 1040 movie. Then, I followed Jin on Twitter and his blog. He has an interesting story to tell about his life and his faith. American-born Chinese now based in Hong Kong. Excited to catch him perform live. Groupon Malaysia (and ilovediscounts later on) had a deal for the concert. IDK if Jin's management can actually earn or not, it was a good deal for me, but that left me searching for a concert kaki as the ticket was for 2 person. I do not know of any other ppl who are likely to be interested, asked all around, spammed a lot :x but couldn't find anyone =(


*drumrolls* I sent a msg to Wei Yan just before the deal closes and unexpectedly, he was willing to go with me even though he knew nothing about MC Jin LOL! It's been awhile since we last catch-up with one another, he and TZ kor don't even meet up if I weren't there to initiate it. Soon soon!

Concert kakis! Thank you! :D

Met 3 super fans. The girls were amazing! Susan flew back from Indonesia (she's a med student), bought Rock Zone ticket and was planning to go home with the cab alone :O Shu Teng and Shu Er (not sisters but besties) took a midnight bus from Penang, reach early morning, shopped around KL til the concert and was planning to walk to the bus station after the concert to head home. We offered all 3 of them a ride 'cuz by then, they might miss the bus, quite a distance to walk and it ain't safe! Glad to meet them, they know so much about Jin and his songs, I only know the latest ones and I ain't a super crazy fan :P Oh and the song featuring Jeremy Lin's voice- Nick of time, Jin didn't perform that during the concert aw!

The vlog. watch at own RISK!

Being at the upper tier allows me to observe the crowd. Amazing crowd! I did notice the 2 lucky fans at the Rock Zone, they literally rap along to almost all of Jin's Cantonese songs. Jin invited them up to sit and perform together. For a crazy fan, that is the BEST thing ever.

Pics credit: Susan aka Zhen Lohas

Opening act. Dennis Lau, violinist + Shawn Lee, beatboxer. Malaysian talent *bangga*

Jin and DJ Quickie

I liked how Jin supported our local talent and that they weren't there just for the opening act but to perform together with Jin =) Freestyle woots!

EPIC durian eating session!

Had a blast! So much to tell that you just got to be there to experience it LOL! My first rap concert. My parents had opinions about this but music ain't just about the classical ones, this is music as well ;) Thanks for reading =) God bless you!