Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut :

Thank God :") Congrats to all STPM-ers who got their uni offers =)
From the time I apply for universities til the time when the result comes out, it's quite a long period there. That's the time when I think a lot, meet new ppl, see new things. I'm feeling differently about all of these. My other interview mates? In case you don't know them, they were with me for UPM and UM's interview/audition. All of them got into UPM's music performance course. They are a bunch of ppl who are willing to help and teach me the techniques they've learn for piano playing, as well as methods to calm down before a performance/competition LOL. Blog debt: Jerald's competition. Ops. Hope I can get that done soon. I would like to be around ppl like these, they motivate me without being competitive, makes sense? But aww, they said I can visit them. My senior in UPM asked if I did get into UPM, which I did not. Double aww. AND the Christian Fellowship! Triple aww. I do hope UM has one and is as welcoming. If the uni chose the students base on their STPM pointers, I passed that as the requirement was a minimum 2.0; if the uni chose us base on our performance in music, I am sure that I did badly compared to the other talented musicians. I am truly thankful to secure a place in UM.

Do I make you proud?
If it weren't for STPM, I would not have the guts to pursue music. Definitely settle for something SAFE. Thinking back, everything was planned out. I was suppose to study in the university my dad graduated from, but of course, it didn't turned out that way. Finally, I am taken seriously. Neutral state: I have the freedom to choose my course yet my parents doesn't seem to be supportive all the way, I hope they are though. It's funny how my besties are proud of me when that is for my parents to say/feel. I've decided to be rebellious (in a good way of course), signed up for a month of violin lessons. You see, how am I suppose to know if music is for me when all I do is just play the piano? Music is more than that. Thank God for the holiday, I had the time to attend various music competition and performance, got more exposure, broadened my horizon. I'm very thankful that my parents have provided everything that is physical and seen. The recent Sunday was Youth Sunday for Chinese Church. I see the importance of dedicating a child fully to God and parents are to raise them not according to human standards but God's. I never knew I was dedicated as an infant until I was tagged to an old photo of the dedication ceremony on FB. My parents never talked about it. The fact that God looks after His children is just so comforting to me. I'm still learning to control my emotions as it's like a swing, up and the next moment, down, messed up huh? LOL.

So my closest of all F6 friends, Klin decided to take up the offer at USM Kelantan and pull out from IMU. Other CU peeps,  EnTze in Sabah, Wei Kwang my interview mate, UPM. Shinh Nian is going to Indonesia. Photography club gang: Sor Wen in Penang, Sen Chen in Sarawak together with Kien Tian. Andy in Sabah. Machi Beng at UPM! All the best to all of you.

I am happy but at the same time, at emotionally + spiritually low state. I need strength from above to face this new chapter of life. I am grateful for all who have been so supportive to me whether it's emotionally or spiritually, or even both. Klin who has been with me for the longest time, this is the FIRST time we'll be in a different place studying. There's a kid inside of me. You know how it feels for a lil kid to be in a new school? Well, I never had to feel that until now. I rather be in the middle of nowhere with a buddy than to be alone in the best place ever. That's just me. I'm bad at farewells.

Thank you for your prayers and wishes, and also for reading. God bless you =)