Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thanks Kehpoh Sor Wen for sharing this =)

Extracted from the article:

"Given a choice between wading chest-deep though crocodile-infested waters and sitting the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia examination, most students say they would choose the former."

"it has been pointed out that only the extremely masochistic or one whose life provides no other options will attempt STPM."

"STPM is certainly not for the weak of heart and feeble of will"

"I was one of those who scraped through, despite being an (almost) straight-A scorer in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia."

"We cannot compare them (referring to STPM and matriculation) as they are essentially two different examinations."


Preparing for uni life, writing a list of things to do, bring and buy. So glad that Wei Ting shared this website with me. Check it out => I'm in the 12th College, which is quite near the Cultural Centre, twin sharing room. I guess, God knows what's best for me, again. Praise God =) Had my first piano class with the new teacher. I really have to take good care of my hands and watch out if there's any unusual pain. My teacher's ex-course mate had to rest his/her hands for the entire semester to recover from hand injury, not from sports or whatever but from piano playing, wrong technique used I guess? ouch. I've been sharing the uni news with ppl I think would love to hear from me, at a more personal level (calling, messaging etc., basically hearing it 1st hand from me), might be a bit late, but a friend said it's better than never LOL. Thank you all for your prayers and support <3  Feeling much better now.

One of my fave random shots. Inspired.
God bless you! =)