Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Weekend + Monday updates


Klang ISCF rally "Forever Alone?"
My 8th ISCF rally woots! time flies. Went with the siblings and Joyce. The message by Pastor Andy Yeoh was powerful, taken from a familiar passage about Zaccheus, the tax collector. It spoke to many ones. To not be forever alone is to be with the One who is forever. And of course, I took this opportunity to meet the peeps I've not seen in awhile =) I so miss the time when I have cammie with me and I have all the pics haha! These pics are taken from FB :P My sister just have to ask if I am sitting with the KH peeps or STK peeps. Dilemma anot. Isaac being kind told me to go with the KH peeps and have fun, since majority of the STK peeps were guys. I ended up with the F6 peeps LOL!

In  STK, I met not 1 but 2 peeps who share the same birthday as me. Happy much. Finally took an after-rally pic together :D Isaac, me and Jojo!

Taken during last year's rally. Isaac the busy was missing LOL!

My sis' friend from primary school. She went MIA and Natthan had to go home so we went ahead to have a pic together =) He's leaving to the States next year! All the best yea.

All smiles

My brother for almost 7 months aka Federick is going back to Sabah! We'll miss the super SNSD fan, insta-maniac, underwear shop top salesperson, S.S. pro, cili padi lover, I mean, you LOL.

Yesterday. Randomness. Decided to pick Myan and off we go to Eil's house, spent more time than planned, wait, there wasn't a plan LOL! Had to go for ukulele class later at night, Thank God we made it on time. Me, Myan, Eil and my blue intax's twin *hehes*

1 more day til Eil heads to India. She was suppose to fly off last Friday but JPA postponed the flight. More time to spend together =")

Thanks for reading peeps, be blessed! =)