Thursday, 30 August 2012

Health examination before entering Uni

The clock is ticking... It's almost the end of August. Done with most of the procedures that uni required. Sorta prepared at a certain level. Here's bit of my health examination LOL. Did not know where else to go other than to my family's regular doctor. Tests required by UM: Physical examination (height, weight, blood pressure...) and Investigations (Urine test, Blood test and chest x-ray).

Never felt so pressured to pee in my entire life :X Lesson? Drink plenty of water before going for the health examination. The doctor spelled my name wrongly =.=

I have small veins LOL. It did not hurt much to get some blood out of me. Blood was tested for Hep B, VDRL/TPHA? and Rubella lol? No x-ray machine in the clinic, so dad had to bring me to KPJ Selangor for the x-ray.

Total cost for my health examination? RM150. Peeps, do check out BP Healthcare Group, they have good rates for pre-university screening. My doctor sent my blood and urine sample to their lab, so I guess might as well do everything there than to travel to 2 different places like what I did.

Googled about UM's Minggu Haluansiswa, some blog post were rather :O I guess I got to go experience it myself and perhaps blog it out. Thanks for reading! =)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Thanksgiving dinner @ Klin's

25th of August 2012

Ke Lin invited some of her closest friends for a thanksgiving dinner. You can rarely find her online on FB but for this event, she actually created a page for it LOL! I had the honour of babysitting her family's DSLR for a bit, how kind of her :3 Selected a few pics from her album for this blog post ^^

All who were there for the dinner. Thanks for the invite!
Sorry, no pics of food, too yummy that I rather enjoy the food than to snap LOL. AGREE? :D

CP gang! *hearts*

Klin's A3 classmates.

Family in Christ

Besides all the photo-taking/posing, we had a session of sharing and thanksgiving by Klin, Shinh Nian (who left the next day to Indonesia!) and EnTze. Call me maybe pose ;)

AND of course, birthday celebration, 3 in 1!

Birthday peeps.
2nd Sept, 4th Sept and 30th August
Kien Tian, Wei Kwang and Yuyu

Yuyu with her card & present

A pic with the birthday girl. She'll be going back to AIMST so we decided to celebrate her birthday earlier. Many more years of friendship to come! =) and let's jam with our ukes soon~

CPP is back from India for holiday. They decided to do an Indian pose LOL?

EnYew aka EnTze's bro aka Klin's GA making a scary face *boo!*

My dearest friend since kindy! Accompanied me all the way to F6.

Sisters! Taken after 情忆肉骨茶 stage performance at Hokkien Association Klang.

Klin's heading to USM Kelantan for her studies tomorrow. Take good care. God bless you! *dunnowhatelsetosay* Do post your updates on CP group! :") Of course I'll miss you.

Thanks for reading peeps.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kehpoh Wen's 20th birthday celebration

I'm back from Raya holiday! I'm not done with the Singapore trip posts, too much to blog? opsie. Nyways, on the 23rd of August, it was Sor Wen's 20th birthday! :D And obviously, the gang threw her a surprise celebration. My part of the story? Here goes..

Sometime ago, LivingSocial had a deal for Traditional Afternoon Tea Set @ Delicious. I wasn't keen until I.forgot.who posted a picture of the tea set, quite pretty and it looked yummy! Since the deal was for 2 person so I asked Wen and Suez to see if they were keen too, and Wen was! =) we got busy and never had time to redeem it. It was until Wen reminded me on Twitter, then I thought, hmm, we shall make it on her birthday, but of course I kept that a secret *HEHE* The gang started planning, some were in-charged to get the present and cake. My role was to ask her out, making her think that it's only me celebrating her birthday with her LOL! I was afraid I couldn't make it home on time as me and my fam traveled back from Johor in the morning. Even asked Suez to standby just in case I am late but Thank God, I made it for the date ;)

The birthday girl and the yummy looking tea set.

In case you are interested to check out Delicious, details are stated in the voucher below.
delicious livingsocial

The rest of the gang was suppose to meet up in the Starbucks Setia Alam that has a drive-through, NOT the Starbucks in Setia City Mall, miscomm, sorry peeps. Thank God Wen did not enter the Starbucks, it was just opposite Delicious, she was waiting for me outside Starbucks! *relieved* 

So, the gang gathered in Starbucks, me and Wen sat down in Delicious, I made her sit facing inside instead of facing outside = Starbucks LOL! Food came, we ate, I made a lil mess with the chocolate sauce, texted the gang, excused myself to go to the washroom, meet the gang beside Delicious, prepared the cake with candles, slowly led the gang into Delicious, I told the waiter that we are bringing in a cake, I went back to my seat, Wen asked what happened that I went to talk to the waiter, the gang slowly walked in and we all sang the birthday song! Sounds simple? Wen was SURPRISED MUCH! *mission accomplished* like a boss! :D Oh, the tea set was quite a lot for the both of us, couldn't finish it LOL.

WE LOVE YOU!! Hope you did enjoyed your day =)
 Thanks for reading, peeps! =)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Singapore Trip (August 2012) - How we travel

We wanted to take a flight to Singapore as there were promotions around BUT we are glad that we didn't. As there were ppl pulling out from the trip, can't imagine the hassle we have to go through if we were to take the flight :O In the end, we took the train! The price of the train ride was RM68 for 2 ways. I only bought 1 way as I didn't know how long more I'll stay on. I ended up buying my other ticket for SGD 34 :X did not calculate/plan properly. A lesson learnt, I mean, I ain't pro, although I'm sort of the planner but I do miss out on some things =) The 11 peeps gathered and boarded the train at Klang Station while I boarded from Padang Jawa. Together, we headed to KL Sentral.

8th of August 2012 (night)

On the night train

The train was freaking COLD at night! We couldn't sleep well. All wrapped up.

The train made random stops. To keep ourselves warm, we hopped off the train.

It was suppose to be the mafia look LOL! Very the cold til we wished we took the bus instead :/ but thinking back, the train was still the more convenient choice.

We had to take a bus from the Checkpoint to the nearest MRT then to Chinatown MRT station. The bus to Marsiling came first so we hopped on.

Other than that, we basically rely on our feet and the MRT to travel around SG. We did not have to wait long for the MRT to come, unlike KTM :X

Oh, and the monorail from Vivo City to Universal Studios Singapore and Sentosa.

The way home wasn't that cold as it was the afternoon train for the other 11 peeps, morning train for me *relieved*
11th of August 2012

More posts to come!

Singapore Trip (August 2012) - Where we stayed?

I lost count of the number of times I visited Singapore. The first time? When I was just a month+ old attending my aunt's wedding ^^ I never had to think of where to stay as me and my family always stay with my aunt's family whenever we visit Singapore. This time is my very first time going overseas without my parents. On top of that, I'm bringing 11 other friends along woots! Among the 12 of us, 7 of us have never been to Singapore and among the 7, some never been outside of Malaysia. Kinda pressured to make sure everyone have fun. 

1st question: Where to find accommodation for such a big group? 
We are under a budget as all of us are students. We've been working + saving for months and we thought this is the time to relax before most of us enter our respective universities in September. I contacted Su Xian, my church friend who is studying in SG. She wasn't sure what was the full name of the hostel as she has never been there, beary something in Chinatown. She said that it's a cozy place and that the hostel's theme is bears. LOL. You know I love bears ;) There's another buddy of mine named Google ;) so I googled and found their site. Did some research, discussed with the peeps and decided to make reservation.

There are 3 beary hostels, Beary Good, Beary Nice and Beary Best. I emailed them to see which hostel can accommodate us. I must say they were very helpful. Made reservation for 11 ppl back in March LOL! We booked at the rate of SGD 26 per night, I think it's SGD 27 per night now, but still, very affordable! =) Of course, there were ppl pulling out from the trip and we had to look for others to replace them. Just about a week or 2 before the trip, Nanny Lawrence who pulled out due to some inconvenience, decided to join us! SO HAPPY! :D even if it means to email the hostel to make arrangements again. Nanny had to stay in Beary Good as Beary Nice is fully booked. All is cool as Nanny had a great time with his hostel mates =)

One of the reasons why we chose to stay in Beary hostel is that it's so near the Chinatown MRT station. Beary Good is at Pagoda street, you can see it when you come out from this exit. Chinatown is just a few stops away to Bugis, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, Sentosa island, basically all the places we planned to visit.

Beary Good

Beary Nice. The day we checked out.

The day we checked in. Made friends with the hostel mates =) this place is cozy, like we're hanging out at a friend's place LOL

Hostel mate from Hong Kong and Peik Lai

Bunk beds!

Night time at Chinatown.

I so want to go back to Singapore just to stay there again! :D Free breakfast, clean washrooms, friendly receptionist, even the uncle who cleans our room when we checked out is friendly wey!

Thanks for reading! Have a beary happy day =)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I'm back from Family Camp 2012 in Kampar. I would say it's one of the camps where we bond with the people we see every Sunday in church but never really got to know them. Of course, the sermons by Neal and Ruth on prayer is what I have to act on. Movie making workshop was an eye-opener as well. If only it's like the ICOM music students, MacBook is a compulsory for them LOL! Mamak sessions with the DG and Chinese Youth peeps, Kampar's nightlife is pleasant =)

Photo credits: Wynne ^^v
After the combine celebration on Sunday night.

Done with my medical checkup for uni, waiting for it's result. Have not blogged about my previous trip to Singapore and here comes the next trip! Excited much cuz it's my first time traveling overseas without my parents. In addition, I'm bringing 11 friends LOL. Gonna meet some SG friends, can't wait! Got to go complete my packing and perhaps take a short nap. Thanks for reading and God bless! =)

Friday, 3 August 2012

1st of August at KLIA

The first day of a new month. The day to send Eil off at the airport. My parents didn't quite agree with me going "all the way" there but hey, my awesome dearies drove me ;)


Myan picked me up from my house, then we met up with Yuyu at her place. The dearies had dinner at Setia City Mall and also got Gong Cha for a special delivery to the airport. My first time drinking, love the milky taste :9 Thanks for the intro, girls! =)

MH2628, Fed's flight. It was suppose to fly already but it delayed til 9pm LOL!

Eil together with the other scholars were at the briefing when we arrived. We chatted with the Choo family while waiting to meet her. Once the briefing was done, the person-in-charged started calling out their names in the alphabetical order, time for them to head to the departure hall!  Without wasting much time, we grabbed a pic with our dear =)

Myan + Eil

Eil + Yuyu

Me + Eil

Time to leave. Time to let go.

This is so touching. Made us all teary :") Aunty was praying for her. Happy and sad occasion.

Yee Yew, our primary school classmate is leaving soon to India as well. Future Doctor =)

Watching Eil walking to where the plane is. See you dear.

Enough of teary-ness *wipes off tear*
Since we have a Canon 60D + 50mm lens with us, we decided to make full use of it,. The owner of the DSLR is Aaric btw LOL. KLIA is a nice place for photo-shoot huh? :P

On Myan request LOL

New profile pic? ;)

Uncle helped us to snap this. Not bad =) Us + Elaine

Paparazzi style. I have no idea what team are they :X

Taken the other day at her house just chilling. One of the best feeling ever.

Buddies since primary school but we got closer later on. We are truly proud of you, JPA scholar, future dentist :") All the best in Manipal India. We miss you and Geun Geun already but don't come back yet LOL. God bless you!