Friday, 3 August 2012

1st of August at KLIA

The first day of a new month. The day to send Eil off at the airport. My parents didn't quite agree with me going "all the way" there but hey, my awesome dearies drove me ;)


Myan picked me up from my house, then we met up with Yuyu at her place. The dearies had dinner at Setia City Mall and also got Gong Cha for a special delivery to the airport. My first time drinking, love the milky taste :9 Thanks for the intro, girls! =)

MH2628, Fed's flight. It was suppose to fly already but it delayed til 9pm LOL!

Eil together with the other scholars were at the briefing when we arrived. We chatted with the Choo family while waiting to meet her. Once the briefing was done, the person-in-charged started calling out their names in the alphabetical order, time for them to head to the departure hall!  Without wasting much time, we grabbed a pic with our dear =)

Myan + Eil

Eil + Yuyu

Me + Eil

Time to leave. Time to let go.

This is so touching. Made us all teary :") Aunty was praying for her. Happy and sad occasion.

Yee Yew, our primary school classmate is leaving soon to India as well. Future Doctor =)

Watching Eil walking to where the plane is. See you dear.

Enough of teary-ness *wipes off tear*
Since we have a Canon 60D + 50mm lens with us, we decided to make full use of it,. The owner of the DSLR is Aaric btw LOL. KLIA is a nice place for photo-shoot huh? :P

On Myan request LOL

New profile pic? ;)

Uncle helped us to snap this. Not bad =) Us + Elaine

Paparazzi style. I have no idea what team are they :X

Taken the other day at her house just chilling. One of the best feeling ever.

Buddies since primary school but we got closer later on. We are truly proud of you, JPA scholar, future dentist :") All the best in Manipal India. We miss you and Geun Geun already but don't come back yet LOL. God bless you!