Thursday, 30 August 2012

Health examination before entering Uni

The clock is ticking... It's almost the end of August. Done with most of the procedures that uni required. Sorta prepared at a certain level. Here's bit of my health examination LOL. Did not know where else to go other than to my family's regular doctor. Tests required by UM: Physical examination (height, weight, blood pressure...) and Investigations (Urine test, Blood test and chest x-ray).

Never felt so pressured to pee in my entire life :X Lesson? Drink plenty of water before going for the health examination. The doctor spelled my name wrongly =.=

I have small veins LOL. It did not hurt much to get some blood out of me. Blood was tested for Hep B, VDRL/TPHA? and Rubella lol? No x-ray machine in the clinic, so dad had to bring me to KPJ Selangor for the x-ray.

Total cost for my health examination? RM150. Peeps, do check out BP Healthcare Group, they have good rates for pre-university screening. My doctor sent my blood and urine sample to their lab, so I guess might as well do everything there than to travel to 2 different places like what I did.

Googled about UM's Minggu Haluansiswa, some blog post were rather :O I guess I got to go experience it myself and perhaps blog it out. Thanks for reading! =)