Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I'm back from Family Camp 2012 in Kampar. I would say it's one of the camps where we bond with the people we see every Sunday in church but never really got to know them. Of course, the sermons by Neal and Ruth on prayer is what I have to act on. Movie making workshop was an eye-opener as well. If only it's like the ICOM music students, MacBook is a compulsory for them LOL! Mamak sessions with the DG and Chinese Youth peeps, Kampar's nightlife is pleasant =)

Photo credits: Wynne ^^v
After the combine celebration on Sunday night.

Done with my medical checkup for uni, waiting for it's result. Have not blogged about my previous trip to Singapore and here comes the next trip! Excited much cuz it's my first time traveling overseas without my parents. In addition, I'm bringing 11 friends LOL. Gonna meet some SG friends, can't wait! Got to go complete my packing and perhaps take a short nap. Thanks for reading and God bless! =)