Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kehpoh Wen's 20th birthday celebration

I'm back from Raya holiday! I'm not done with the Singapore trip posts, too much to blog? opsie. Nyways, on the 23rd of August, it was Sor Wen's 20th birthday! :D And obviously, the gang threw her a surprise celebration. My part of the story? Here goes..

Sometime ago, LivingSocial had a deal for Traditional Afternoon Tea Set @ Delicious. I wasn't keen until I.forgot.who posted a picture of the tea set, quite pretty and it looked yummy! Since the deal was for 2 person so I asked Wen and Suez to see if they were keen too, and Wen was! =) we got busy and never had time to redeem it. It was until Wen reminded me on Twitter, then I thought, hmm, we shall make it on her birthday, but of course I kept that a secret *HEHE* The gang started planning, some were in-charged to get the present and cake. My role was to ask her out, making her think that it's only me celebrating her birthday with her LOL! I was afraid I couldn't make it home on time as me and my fam traveled back from Johor in the morning. Even asked Suez to standby just in case I am late but Thank God, I made it for the date ;)

The birthday girl and the yummy looking tea set.

In case you are interested to check out Delicious, details are stated in the voucher below.
delicious livingsocial

The rest of the gang was suppose to meet up in the Starbucks Setia Alam that has a drive-through, NOT the Starbucks in Setia City Mall, miscomm, sorry peeps. Thank God Wen did not enter the Starbucks, it was just opposite Delicious, she was waiting for me outside Starbucks! *relieved* 

So, the gang gathered in Starbucks, me and Wen sat down in Delicious, I made her sit facing inside instead of facing outside = Starbucks LOL! Food came, we ate, I made a lil mess with the chocolate sauce, texted the gang, excused myself to go to the washroom, meet the gang beside Delicious, prepared the cake with candles, slowly led the gang into Delicious, I told the waiter that we are bringing in a cake, I went back to my seat, Wen asked what happened that I went to talk to the waiter, the gang slowly walked in and we all sang the birthday song! Sounds simple? Wen was SURPRISED MUCH! *mission accomplished* like a boss! :D Oh, the tea set was quite a lot for the both of us, couldn't finish it LOL.

WE LOVE YOU!! Hope you did enjoyed your day =)
 Thanks for reading, peeps! =)