Saturday, 18 August 2012

Singapore Trip (August 2012) - How we travel

We wanted to take a flight to Singapore as there were promotions around BUT we are glad that we didn't. As there were ppl pulling out from the trip, can't imagine the hassle we have to go through if we were to take the flight :O In the end, we took the train! The price of the train ride was RM68 for 2 ways. I only bought 1 way as I didn't know how long more I'll stay on. I ended up buying my other ticket for SGD 34 :X did not calculate/plan properly. A lesson learnt, I mean, I ain't pro, although I'm sort of the planner but I do miss out on some things =) The 11 peeps gathered and boarded the train at Klang Station while I boarded from Padang Jawa. Together, we headed to KL Sentral.

8th of August 2012 (night)

On the night train

The train was freaking COLD at night! We couldn't sleep well. All wrapped up.

The train made random stops. To keep ourselves warm, we hopped off the train.

It was suppose to be the mafia look LOL! Very the cold til we wished we took the bus instead :/ but thinking back, the train was still the more convenient choice.

We had to take a bus from the Checkpoint to the nearest MRT then to Chinatown MRT station. The bus to Marsiling came first so we hopped on.

Other than that, we basically rely on our feet and the MRT to travel around SG. We did not have to wait long for the MRT to come, unlike KTM :X

Oh, and the monorail from Vivo City to Universal Studios Singapore and Sentosa.

The way home wasn't that cold as it was the afternoon train for the other 11 peeps, morning train for me *relieved*
11th of August 2012

More posts to come!