Saturday, 18 August 2012

Singapore Trip (August 2012) - Where we stayed?

I lost count of the number of times I visited Singapore. The first time? When I was just a month+ old attending my aunt's wedding ^^ I never had to think of where to stay as me and my family always stay with my aunt's family whenever we visit Singapore. This time is my very first time going overseas without my parents. On top of that, I'm bringing 11 other friends along woots! Among the 12 of us, 7 of us have never been to Singapore and among the 7, some never been outside of Malaysia. Kinda pressured to make sure everyone have fun. 

1st question: Where to find accommodation for such a big group? 
We are under a budget as all of us are students. We've been working + saving for months and we thought this is the time to relax before most of us enter our respective universities in September. I contacted Su Xian, my church friend who is studying in SG. She wasn't sure what was the full name of the hostel as she has never been there, beary something in Chinatown. She said that it's a cozy place and that the hostel's theme is bears. LOL. You know I love bears ;) There's another buddy of mine named Google ;) so I googled and found their site. Did some research, discussed with the peeps and decided to make reservation.

There are 3 beary hostels, Beary Good, Beary Nice and Beary Best. I emailed them to see which hostel can accommodate us. I must say they were very helpful. Made reservation for 11 ppl back in March LOL! We booked at the rate of SGD 26 per night, I think it's SGD 27 per night now, but still, very affordable! =) Of course, there were ppl pulling out from the trip and we had to look for others to replace them. Just about a week or 2 before the trip, Nanny Lawrence who pulled out due to some inconvenience, decided to join us! SO HAPPY! :D even if it means to email the hostel to make arrangements again. Nanny had to stay in Beary Good as Beary Nice is fully booked. All is cool as Nanny had a great time with his hostel mates =)

One of the reasons why we chose to stay in Beary hostel is that it's so near the Chinatown MRT station. Beary Good is at Pagoda street, you can see it when you come out from this exit. Chinatown is just a few stops away to Bugis, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, Sentosa island, basically all the places we planned to visit.

Beary Good

Beary Nice. The day we checked out.

The day we checked in. Made friends with the hostel mates =) this place is cozy, like we're hanging out at a friend's place LOL

Hostel mate from Hong Kong and Peik Lai

Bunk beds!

Night time at Chinatown.

I so want to go back to Singapore just to stay there again! :D Free breakfast, clean washrooms, friendly receptionist, even the uncle who cleans our room when we checked out is friendly wey!

Thanks for reading! Have a beary happy day =)