Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Thanksgiving dinner @ Klin's

25th of August 2012

Ke Lin invited some of her closest friends for a thanksgiving dinner. You can rarely find her online on FB but for this event, she actually created a page for it LOL! I had the honour of babysitting her family's DSLR for a bit, how kind of her :3 Selected a few pics from her album for this blog post ^^

All who were there for the dinner. Thanks for the invite!
Sorry, no pics of food, too yummy that I rather enjoy the food than to snap LOL. AGREE? :D

CP gang! *hearts*

Klin's A3 classmates.

Family in Christ

Besides all the photo-taking/posing, we had a session of sharing and thanksgiving by Klin, Shinh Nian (who left the next day to Indonesia!) and EnTze. Call me maybe pose ;)

AND of course, birthday celebration, 3 in 1!

Birthday peeps.
2nd Sept, 4th Sept and 30th August
Kien Tian, Wei Kwang and Yuyu

Yuyu with her card & present

A pic with the birthday girl. She'll be going back to AIMST so we decided to celebrate her birthday earlier. Many more years of friendship to come! =) and let's jam with our ukes soon~

CPP is back from India for holiday. They decided to do an Indian pose LOL?

EnYew aka EnTze's bro aka Klin's GA making a scary face *boo!*

My dearest friend since kindy! Accompanied me all the way to F6.

Sisters! Taken after 情忆肉骨茶 stage performance at Hokkien Association Klang.

Klin's heading to USM Kelantan for her studies tomorrow. Take good care. God bless you! *dunnowhatelsetosay* Do post your updates on CP group! :") Of course I'll miss you.

Thanks for reading peeps.