Sunday, 9 September 2012


A very big HI from UM! Using my course mate's lappie to blog this, so kind of her :") Orientation week aka MHS was so hectic. We get 3 hours of sleep maximum everyday, eye bags TTM! T.T We walked/run a lot, sat through TALKS (sooo sleepy x.x), ex prime minister came for a QnA session with the uni students + video conference with other unis like UPM, UTM and USM, we wore the same 2 shirts given for the whole week, washed once only (dirty I know, no time to sleep, no time to wash clothes, even if we wash, no time to dry also)., cold shower everyday at 2am?! (Thank God I didn't fall sick). Too long to blog it all out in detail. Nevertheless, we survived! The PMs (pembantu mahasiswa=uni student helpers) were kind, most of the time haha! Thank you PMs! :D

Class starts tomorrow but my residential college's (KK= kolej kediaman) choir team is gonna perform for a function in DTC, skipping my very first class in uni, with permission of course LOL. Oh, my kk's choir team won the competition held during MHS among other KKs :D

Blur pic? Blame the photographer :P JK! Need some improvement with the skills though haha!kimzhiyi

A very short update to say that I'm doing fine. and I miss you all so bad. God bless peeps! =)