Saturday, 15 September 2012

Update of my uni life.

From last week...
My kk.

The freshies gathered at DTC
Spot "Mom, I'm at Orientation Week" shirt? LOL

The choir team performed on this stage :D

Balloons + phone's flash light = this!

This week...

The launch of Kad diskaun siswa at Auditorium Perdanasiswa. My kk's choir team were asked to sing Negaraku and to perform Tanah Pusaka. Skipped my first class of uni for this, with permission of course haha.

Meet Joyce...

and Joan, who is also my course mate :D cellist!
Thanks Aina for the baju kurungs! :) We had to dress up in dark coloured baju kurungs but I had none. Need to go hunt for some but it's so hard to find one that suits me =/

Aural and Musicianship class with Mr Gabriel and Mr Yap, Principle study class with Mr Samuel Tan. Loving this Young Chang piano :)

Went to Midvalley for lunch with some of my course mates, Korean food :9 then snowflake for dessert ^^ ahh, deprived from good food :x

Karen, me and Caryn ^^v 
Had a wonderful time with them sharing our personal life stories.

And on the 14th of September 2012:

From Caryn. Nothing beats a handwritten note. Thanks again :) *touched*

From the Banzhang/class rep. aka Jason. Thank you, for not embarrassing me by singing the birthday song out loud in public LOL :P Oh yea, met him during uni interviews and now he's officially my course mate LOL. I was dragged to be the vice class rep :O he better not bully me :/

Dinner date with Myan. I'm so pampered by her LOL! 
Chill, dine, chat, laugh, snap pics and all :)

Mango Mille Crepe

Grilled lamb shoulder for me. Yums!

I got a lovely bookmark from her. Jeremiah 29:11. Awwws :")  timely reminder. I had a very blessed 20th birthday, yeap, I'm simple like that :) Thank you all for the fb wishes, texts, calls, etc., peeps + Loves from all around the world. It meant a lot to me and I'm out of words :) I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for the life He has given me. Uni life is a new beginning for me and so far, it was good, praise God. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed weekend :)
I have not redeemed my free slice of cake from Starbucks LOL!