Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bits and pieces

It's so easy to lose track, of what? The little things in life? I'm not too sure. Blogging this with pictures from FB, either tagged or taken by me. I have a photographic memory perhaps? *questions*

11th Oct. "A Magical Night"

WeiTang, Caryn and me

The girls and Mahani, the talented pianist from Chile

The previous week was also Convocation week. Jam-packed with ppl. Flowers for our super seniors. With my course mates :)

Malam Ekspresi Seni. My drama team did not get into the finals, all cool about it, it was a good experience :) There were some conflict, the theme was something to do with diversity but the 3 teams who got into the finals were singing groups of 3, where is the diversity? I pity the theater team from another kk. They were well prepared with their dialogs, costume, makeup *salute*. We all thought they'll get into the finals but they did not.

5th Oct. PKVUM's Diamond Jubilee Dinner.

The crowd. Celebrating 60 years of God's goodness.

Making me miss KHCU and STKCU even more. If one day we were to have events like this, I'm sure to be there to kehpoh ;")

Shi Yun, my kk mate! Glad to meet her here in UM :) It's my first weekend here in campus, she took me out of our kk to another kk for dinner, adventurous much (for me LOL). Got to know her during MHS. Was encouraged by her life testimony which brought me to tears :") She helped me to stay awake during the talks, not that the talks are boring but 3 hours of sleep every night is x.x

Heartbreaking moment. My G# string broke when my tuner came to tune when I wasn't around. Still not properly fixed.

Heart2heart post in awhile. Blogging is therapeutic. Ahhh~ Thanks for reading, God bless! :)