Friday, 5 October 2012

Giving my blog some care x)

Blogging with pictures. Forgot which came first but oh well. It's October! YOOOHOO!~ idkwhyamIsohyper now :P

Bought MPO tickets with Wei Tang and Jason. For our Principle Study class, one of the requirements is that we have to attend 2 concerts outside of my uni and write a one-page report describing the concert. hmm, sounds like blogging material to me ;) Yay for student price! Nay for the quota and we have to personally present to get the tickets.

Redeemed my free slice of cake from Starbucks, Choc Tuxedo~ In WeiTang's room. She was watching drama LOL

Music course's Senior-Junior Night. Where seniors dress up nicely and juniors have funny dress code LOL. Meet some of my seniors~

Many said we look alike. I don't really think so. What do you think? Took off my specs to snap this pic so we can compare our features LOL!

Rachel Jiejie~
What a small world, her uncle attends my church and he's in the same DG as my dad. Lovely senior. Went out for dinner with her on the 2nd day of class, outside of uni of course, how's that? :)

Lovely birthday wish from her :)

Gift from PKV :) Little things like this make me a happy girl~

oh and my choir team during MHS. Found this on dunno.who's. FB album :P

Student election in UM. Cars honking etc x.x Kinda blur when it comes to WHO to vote for cuz 1st year, still new to this place, don't know about the situation here YET.

PKV's 60th anniversary dinner later at my kk woots! Not gonna wear the red shirt I bought cuz... clumsy me *facepalm* shh. Been busy with meetings in center and kk, piano class arrangements etc. Thank God, I'm still in good health :) 

Blessed birthday to my dearest daddy. Gonna have a combine celebration for him and my bro :) October guys are the best *hehes* ;) Thanks for reading. Have a blessed weekend! :)