Sunday, 14 October 2012


Tried catching up with my dear friends from around the world, how's life and all. They often ask, "how's your life in uni?" Short answer would be "it's been wonderful" overall, of course. Long answer? IDK if I'm able to answer it LOL.

Miracles happened. 
For 1st year students, we are required to have 1 recital per semester, which is to perform in front of our lecturers and course mates. BY MEMORY. *shocker* I don't remember memorizing ANY pieces after grade 5. A challenge. We drew lots and I got the earliest week, week 6, which is this week. Frankly, I did my best to practice but I still wasn't ready for the recital. I think I'm a disappointment to my lecturer, he's too kind in his words. It was a challenging Etude for me, well, which Chopin Etude is easy anyway? I tried not to stress my hands too much. Pain tau :( Read:
Miracle happened when Mr Tan announced during week 4(?) that 1st year students who are in week 6 and 7 are given 2 more weeks (week 8 and 9). JOY! :") Yet to completely memorize my piece. It's a beautiful sad piece.

Miracle #2
I went home one Wednesday noon, thinking of how should I approach my piano teacher, the new one, I took 1 month of lessons with her as my previous teacher took leave for confinement. 30 mins of Principle study class with our lecturers isn't sufficient, we were all advised to take at least 7 hours of additional private lessons per sem and plus, my Grade 8 theory is still hanging. I reached home, laid on my bed, deep in thoughts, was about to text my teacher and ask if she's free for a LONG talk then... FB msg appeared on my phone, it was my teacher! She asked how was I doing in uni and all. *touched ttm!* Quickly, I switched on the comp and chatted with her. Explained to her my situation. To cut the long story a bit shorter, she agreed to give me lesson once in 2 weeks on Thursdays, she understand how tiring it is to travel back and forth. AWW.

Miracle #3
I'm going to T.H.E. Camp. Of course I really hope Shiyun, Jason and Yu Hong could go as well but I must say everything just tells me to just go. I'll say it's God's plan. Esp for the word part when the seniors mentioned during PKV meeting, mehh.
- My recital week is the week when I come back from camp. Imagine 3 days of no.piano.touching. Thinking again, God gave me 2 more weeks when I was suppose to perform this week. I shall do my best now and let God direct my paths. You may think I'm pushing everything to God, me being irresponsible and all but I'm too weak to control everything. Life experience.
- Wen and Suez are coming back for BigBang concert, did want to arrange a meetup with them if not I'll only get to see them next year. After yesterday's Skype session with Kehpoh Sen Chen, I am even certain that I have to go. I shall meet all of you next year :") thank you kehpoh! *correction: Will see the girls during Nov's one week sem break :D"
- Sunday piano duty in Chinese Church. Felt bad to reschedule cuz they are lacking of pianist but Aunty Julia is so kind to help me.
- Parents let me decide whether to go or not. Thank you!


I do say I'm busy and some ppl can't accept I have the time to blog. I MUST blog, can anot? HAHA. To keep track of my progress, I have to just stop, reflect and thank God for what has happened, the good and the bad, His purpose for me. I'm so sorry for not being able to catchup with everyone. I do think of you all now and then, I try to keep myself updated with your life. Hope all is well with you too :) Have a blessed week ahead! :)