Friday, 9 November 2012

*Gives blog a CPR*

It's November already? Time flies as always. Hectic life. I wished I can sit and blog something that has quality (LOL) instead of pasting a pic and put some description on top of it. For now, picture time!~

Skype session with Kehpoh Sen Chen from our hostels. Line was bad. Nevertheless, we enjoyed talking :) see his big wide smile :D Can't wait to see the Sarawak peeps next year.

Skype session with Wynne at 10PM UK time ^^v That was the week before I go for PKV camp and she has SF retreat :)

A-LL13 the musical. Thanks Jie Rachel for the invite :)
"Real friends are hard to make."

Classical meets Jazz. It was a fun concert, me and my course mates were happy with our seating which was in the middle section, until we realized we couldn't see the hand of the pianist LOL! We need to attend 2 concerts outside of our uni and write 2 reports per semester, not done :X
University of the Philippines Concert Chorus performed at Experimental Theatre. We got to know of this concert a week before or so, very short notice, even my friends at UPM knew about it before I knew. Was a great performance. Choreography and the vocal was *wow*

Left: After the concert, a pic with the UPM peeps :) so good to see them again.

Right: After our interview in UM, taken few months ago

The recent concert, Guitar performance by Stefan Ostersjo.

It was something like this..

IKR! Cool yes but we yet to understand the music. Bear in mind most of us are piano major.  Maybe my lecturers can explain?

AND *jengjengjeng* Recital week! Very different from ICOM's recital. Here, you play and that's it. My lecturer didn't give me any comments right after the recital, class that day was also cancelled. The following week when I have my Principle Study class, I already forgot how I played that day, Liddet how to improve :/ Thank God I played through :")

I won 2 premier screening passes from Nuffnang to watch Frankenweenie :D I knew it was a BnW movie but I didn't know it was a 3D movie until I was about to enter the cinema hall LOL. Reminds me of how creative kids are with their imaginations :)

Lunch and catch-up with Wyan at Secret of Louisiana, Kelana Jaya. Someone's being camera-shy LOL. He's going to Canada for studies. IDK when but it'll be real soon.

T.H.E. Camp
I know I'm being super lazy :X but Mun Foong blogged a detailed one :) good read *click*

Group pic

Okay, just have to post this cuz it's too funny! We had a session learning about CPR. We have a few "victims" waiting for our rescue. As you can see, someone is using a long weed to tickle rescue LOL.

Mud punishment fun HAHA! okay, embarrassing but it was fun to do it as a team lol. Happy faces :)

Instagram is my hobby ;) Just love the shadows.

=phailed= that's what happens when you lost touch of blogging :/ 
Have a blessed holiday peeps! :D