Friday, 16 November 2012

Learning. It's a process.

Chopin Etude Op 10 No. 3 in E Major 

So my recital was on week 8, I started learning this during week 2 (I think), slow learner, managed to learn and memorize it in time for my recital. Thank God for the extended time, was suppose to have the recital on week 6 :) (I've blogged about this but still, am grateful) 

Why this piece?

It was chosen for me by my lecturer. Randomly I guess. 6 pages long. My first Etude. I played Nocturne, learned Valse and never Etude. 

So I started learning. This piece really was a challenge for me. 

Technically.My 4th and 5th fingers are so weak that the top voice doesn't stands out. Slow practice + divide them to parts like practicing only the top voice (using mostly only 4th and 5th fingers) or only accompaniment (thumb, 2nd finger and left hand). Thumb is generally the stronger finger, so yea *control* If you've seen my hands, ain't that big. Thank God for my teacher who has cute-sized hands, she taught me a lot on wrist-movement/rotation/swing? (Bar 46-54, plenty of them) I was sorta practicing in pain without those techniques :/ My whole body stiffens too, must relax. lol. Sort of used my body weight (leaning forward) for the fortissimo (very loud) chords. 

Next is, musicality. Oh dear. What a beautiful sad, romantic piece. Had to search for that source of emo-ness. I'm generally a happy-go-lucky sampat girl. Still learning to get into the mood and perform this piece well. 

The recital week before mine (week 7), a senior was asked to stop by the lecturers during her recital, she wasn't prepared for it. She will need to re-do her recital on week 14. Frankly speaking, that was when I knew she was a senior, never seen her in practice room or around the faculty. I was stunned when that happened, like :"this actually happens? she doesn't practice?" I mean, we music students have to practice, that's one of the most important thing for us to do. Recital isn't part of our marks but it's important because you are playing in front of all the lecturers and your course mates.

Straight after that, it was my principle study class with lecturer. First time ever, my right leg shivers when I step on the pedal :( IDK why I was so affected by that incident. Played so badly that I didn't feel like finishing my piece, wanted to stop halfway through, it was that bad. Teared a bit samore, so embarrassing :(

Fact: Yeap, I take private piano lessons, as recommended by the Principal Study Rules and Regulations paper LOL! My current teacher was introduced by my previous teacher, she took leave for confinement and was unable to teach me. Just before entering uni, I took 1 month of lessons with the new teacher then stopped cuz I needed time to adjust to uni life. After a month of uni, I decided to continue learning from the new teacher. (Idk why I'm being so naggy, I've actually blogged about it ^_^)

I talked to Ah Chor about my new teacher, told her that my teacher just came back from USA, Myan said her bro too. Then, we found out that my new teacher actually went to further her masters with Myan's bro. Told my teacher about it and she was surprised too, cuz Myan's bro wasn't from KwangHua. Oh yea, small world, my teacher's alma maters are mine too, KH and STK. hohos. Don't know where she studied during primary school LOL, okay-lah, don't want to be creepy stalk-ish :)

More facts? 
My lecturer was my teacher's junior back in their uni days. My teacher is not that old, 27 I think? which means my lecturer is only 26 liddet. TO MY HORROR. first day of principle study class, Mr Tan already asked me who is my teacher, was thinking whether to mention the new teacher or my long-time teacher. SMALL WORLD

So everybody knows everybody? :/ I don't like mentioning names. Super uncomfortable when lecturer asked when I'll be seeing my teacher. Hope they are in good terms lo. There's this situation where a teacher ain't happy when the student takes classes from another teacher. Reality.

Recital was ok. Not regretting learning this Etude, I've learned a lot, enjoyed the process :) Learning my Prelude and Fugue now, yet to choose my Scarlatti Sonata. Music Showcase is on the 22nd of November *event page click* We are going to perform what we've learned in this semester. I'm in the classical choir, so far we've learned 3 songs. IKR, like, only 3 songs? LOL. Blending the S-A-T-B ain't that easy especially when we have many Sopranos and Altos, but only 3 Tenors and 3 Basses LOL. Shall try out other ensembles next semester :D

WORDY MUCH POST. Thank you for reading, it meant a lot to me :") took time to blog this out, putting my thoughts into words. *phew* 
Have a blessed weekend! End of my mid-sem break hoho.