Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Party!

After a day out with the girls, I'm back in uni for the party's preparation. 

Those who attended the party. Photo credits to Nyky :)

The 1st year students who came. Those who missed it when they can make it to attend, too bad :P

The beautiful Caryn who conducted the games with me. *thumbs up*

Joan. Need more explanation? LOL! My course mate + KK mate who stays just opposite my room LOL. Wonderful companion. She got the approval from my panda kor to be my bf HAHA. randomcrazystuff

Game #1: CHRISTMAS! number game.

Everyone counts like 1, 2, 3 and so on.
Eg: numbers which is the multiple of 7 and numbers with 7, you have to say CHRISTMAS! instead of the number, with action as shown below ;) cute game.

Games #2: Charades! Acting out Reindeer

the rest guessing..


Game #3 Shopping list(?)
Each team have to collect a list of items, eg: stone, metronome, urtext book LOL.

Carmen gave a short testimony and what Christmas means to her :) Appreciate the organizers, those who prepared food, those who responded at the event page, those who were sporting with the games, thank you all :)

it's going to be farewell 2012, HELLO 2013!

A time of reflection and thanksgiving. 
Thanks for reading. God bless you :)

Little things in life.

My WHOLE BIOLOGICAL family is on vacation. And if you know the trend, yes, it's the annual trip to Singapore! Orchard road's deco is lovely to me even though some ppl said it's not so good as years passed etc. Blame exams but what to do? For my course, there is NO study week, study week is our exam week ._. First time ever in my life, I'm left alone in this place. putting all the complaints aside, I try to look at the brighter side of the situation. It's rather dangerous for me to stay at home alone, neighbours who are student went off for their study week, families went for vacation, making my neighbourhood very quiet. So Myan adopted me opened up her house for me to sleepover. How sweet :) Eil is back from India for 2 weeks :D

Delicious dinner with the girls. Thanks Aunty Chor :D

Change of plan. Instead of sleeping-over at Chor's residence, we ended up at the Choo's *hehe* Haven't been to the house ever since Eil left for studies. Good to see aunty and uncle. So welcoming. This warm homey feeling. Oh, and the Christmas tree! :D my family ain't the decorative kind of ppl so you won't find Christmas deco in my house.

comfy house clothes x) 


Slept at 3am ._. okay, the earlier part of staying up was nice talking with the girls and Line-ing. Very often I get so busy that I forget about these beautiful souls God blessed me with, to care for them and to be honest, it's really nice to have them care for me as well. Talking about the right person at the right time, it's good to know that I'm not the only one struggling to make it in this new environment. How I miss my comfort zone where I have all that is familiar to me with me. I wish you were here and I was there for you.

Next day, LONG DRIVE LOL. My pleasure to drive the girls around. Met up with Klin! :") shoot a video for CPP's birthday :D then drove back to uni for my fac's Christmas Party.

Left with these. 

Murukus from India. No big deal for those who don't understand but little things like this meant so much to me. Postcard, handwritten msg *love* India is in my travel list ok! :) and a Typo notebook that is perfect for me to write on :)

Belated birthday present. Wrapped skillfully in the KH librarian method. A personal msg attached. Can cry reading it T.T *hugs my pillow and T.T*

Confession: or more like, everyone-who-knows-me-well-will-know kind of thing lol, I'm BAD at giving gifts :o like, IDK if it's good enough, if it's what ppl want etc. I don't expect gifts as well. Handwritten msges are always nice :) most importantly, I am touched by sincerity above all else. THANK YOU. Friendship like this... *speechless* blessed :")

Next post: Fac's Christmas party!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Little Things

Lovely song that is stuck in my head for quite some time.

Little things


As it's nearing the end of the year and a new year is coming, I have so much to give thanks and be grateful for, so much, I just don't know how to put them into words. I'm having this amazing?good?pleasant? feeling inside of me. 2012 isn't an easy year but overall it was amazing. I went through the pics and some of my blog posts, what is there is only a glimpse of my life this year. 

ttyl. lunch first :)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Caroling @ 7th college

How I got involved?
Tien Mie fb msg.ed me asking if  I can conduct for caroling. As a freshie, I'm still blur, well, I am naturally blur as well :x I didn't know how they usually carol, how things work, how to actually conduct? But I trust God will lead me.

When we started the practice, it was nearing the end of showcase meetings and rehearsals, busy time. But indeed, blessed with these bunch of helpful lovely ppl, so encouraged :) it's an indescribable feeling standing in front of so many seniorsppl who are singing while I'm doing something different from the rest. You get me? LOL


At 7th College.
Persaudaraan Kristian Varsity UM aka PKVUM choir :D

Sor Yeung was there! :D

Something to share with you lovely peeps, I'll be serving in PKVUM as the assistant secretary next semester. A pic with Joyce, the Secretary :)

Great experience. Touched by the PKV-ians, those who came for practices and really sang their heart out, playing the instruments, ushering, basically make themselves available to serve in various areas. Thank You, God :")

Done with final jury! Blog marathon mode *ON*

Friday, 7 December 2012


Missing my blog, A LOT. It's true only those who care kehpohLOL will read and will notice it's been too long I've last updated it. THANK YOU :)

Thanks Wynne for intro-ing this meaningful song :D Robert Frost - The road not taken. A poem that I still like ever since Form 3? it was in the English Literature book LOL. Gonna copy n paste the lyrics x)

誰急速狂飆 溅我一身 的泥濘

也不恐懼 不逃避

這不是脾氣 是所謂志氣(與勇氣)
你能推我下懸崖 我能學會飛行
從不聽 誰的命令(很獨立)

淋雨一直走 是一顆寶石就該閃爍
人都應該有夢 有夢就別怕痛
淋雨一直走 是道陽光就該暖和
人都應該有夢 有夢就別怕痛

黑色的童話 是給長大 的洗禮

讓我連受傷 也有型 ;)

有時掉進黑洞 有時候爬上彩虹
在下一秒鐘 命運如何轉動 沒有人會曉得Oh~
我說希望無窮 你猜美夢成空
相信和懷疑 總要決鬥

It's been a mixture of feelings this week but God is good =) He's been providing, guiding, teaching in many ways. Despite some tough times, I would still say I'm blessed with wonderful friends in uni. Those who talk to me for hours and those who listen for hours LOL, those who bring food over *okay, this is obvious, thanks Wei Tang and roomie :)* (oh speaking of food, and Uncle Henry and Aunty Julia brought me food :D), those who bring me out for food (I'm such a foodie LOL), those who walk with me around campus, those who share life experiences etc.

Had some issue but it is settled for now, didn't gave up on mending back the friendship. Received advice from my spiritual sibling, wonderful listener :) And also to add on, he has a girlfriend, wait, all my pet bros have girlfriends LOL! yet to meet her but soon I hope, must be as wonderful as my kor :) yea, the other 2 bros are kinda MIA =.= studying/working elsewhere, busy and all. r.a.n.d.o.m.

Month of Christmas. Finals soon. yay and nay.
Thanks for reading :) Caroling practice later ^^
God bless you!