Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Caroling @ 7th college

How I got involved?
Tien Mie fb msg.ed me asking if  I can conduct for caroling. As a freshie, I'm still blur, well, I am naturally blur as well :x I didn't know how they usually carol, how things work, how to actually conduct? But I trust God will lead me.

When we started the practice, it was nearing the end of showcase meetings and rehearsals, busy time. But indeed, blessed with these bunch of helpful lovely ppl, so encouraged :) it's an indescribable feeling standing in front of so many seniorsppl who are singing while I'm doing something different from the rest. You get me? LOL


At 7th College.
Persaudaraan Kristian Varsity UM aka PKVUM choir :D

Sor Yeung was there! :D

Something to share with you lovely peeps, I'll be serving in PKVUM as the assistant secretary next semester. A pic with Joyce, the Secretary :)

Great experience. Touched by the PKV-ians, those who came for practices and really sang their heart out, playing the instruments, ushering, basically make themselves available to serve in various areas. Thank You, God :")

Done with final jury! Blog marathon mode *ON*