Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Party!

After a day out with the girls, I'm back in uni for the party's preparation. 

Those who attended the party. Photo credits to Nyky :)

The 1st year students who came. Those who missed it when they can make it to attend, too bad :P

The beautiful Caryn who conducted the games with me. *thumbs up*

Joan. Need more explanation? LOL! My course mate + KK mate who stays just opposite my room LOL. Wonderful companion. She got the approval from my panda kor to be my bf HAHA. randomcrazystuff

Game #1: CHRISTMAS! number game.

Everyone counts like 1, 2, 3 and so on.
Eg: numbers which is the multiple of 7 and numbers with 7, you have to say CHRISTMAS! instead of the number, with action as shown below ;) cute game.

Games #2: Charades! Acting out Reindeer

the rest guessing..


Game #3 Shopping list(?)
Each team have to collect a list of items, eg: stone, metronome, urtext book LOL.

Carmen gave a short testimony and what Christmas means to her :) Appreciate the organizers, those who prepared food, those who responded at the event page, those who were sporting with the games, thank you all :)

it's going to be farewell 2012, HELLO 2013!

A time of reflection and thanksgiving. 
Thanks for reading. God bless you :)