Friday, 7 December 2012


Missing my blog, A LOT. It's true only those who care kehpohLOL will read and will notice it's been too long I've last updated it. THANK YOU :)

Thanks Wynne for intro-ing this meaningful song :D Robert Frost - The road not taken. A poem that I still like ever since Form 3? it was in the English Literature book LOL. Gonna copy n paste the lyrics x)

誰急速狂飆 溅我一身 的泥濘

也不恐懼 不逃避

這不是脾氣 是所謂志氣(與勇氣)
你能推我下懸崖 我能學會飛行
從不聽 誰的命令(很獨立)

淋雨一直走 是一顆寶石就該閃爍
人都應該有夢 有夢就別怕痛
淋雨一直走 是道陽光就該暖和
人都應該有夢 有夢就別怕痛

黑色的童話 是給長大 的洗禮

讓我連受傷 也有型 ;)

有時掉進黑洞 有時候爬上彩虹
在下一秒鐘 命運如何轉動 沒有人會曉得Oh~
我說希望無窮 你猜美夢成空
相信和懷疑 總要決鬥

It's been a mixture of feelings this week but God is good =) He's been providing, guiding, teaching in many ways. Despite some tough times, I would still say I'm blessed with wonderful friends in uni. Those who talk to me for hours and those who listen for hours LOL, those who bring food over *okay, this is obvious, thanks Wei Tang and roomie :)* (oh speaking of food, and Uncle Henry and Aunty Julia brought me food :D), those who bring me out for food (I'm such a foodie LOL), those who walk with me around campus, those who share life experiences etc.

Had some issue but it is settled for now, didn't gave up on mending back the friendship. Received advice from my spiritual sibling, wonderful listener :) And also to add on, he has a girlfriend, wait, all my pet bros have girlfriends LOL! yet to meet her but soon I hope, must be as wonderful as my kor :) yea, the other 2 bros are kinda MIA =.= studying/working elsewhere, busy and all. r.a.n.d.o.m.

Month of Christmas. Finals soon. yay and nay.
Thanks for reading :) Caroling practice later ^^
God bless you!