Saturday, 30 November 2013


Hello :)

Some of the events that took place in November:
T.H.E. Camp
Music showcase
Sibu mission trip
Easter production audition
Student election

Not to forget assignments, presentations and tests. Fell sick again. Recovering though. Time just don't wait. Looking back, I've been through so much, never alone, cuz through it all, God has been faithful and good. May this heart be forever grateful.

on the other note, currently listening to Fifth Harmony. Have a listen? :)

It's so strange how the same face
Can make you feel so right
And bring you so much pain.

Welcoming December soon. God bless you :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Camp Cameron 2013-Give me life in Thy ways

It's so hard to describe something that is like *woah* but with the little vocabulary I have, I will briefly share what's close to my heart. I've never attended Jeremiah School or any camp that is longer than 4-5 days. 20 days, is really a commitment. If I have not signed up for this camp, I probably will rest all I want after a hectic sem, attend private classes, practice my instrument, catch-up with friends who are back from afar... you get the picture. I've heard stories from my seniors about Camp Cameron, nothing in detail but it encourages me to sign up and guess what? :D

It was quite torturous in the beginning for me not being able to practice my instrument. Not exaggerating at all (Musicians will understand me), it was hard to break my normal routine. Sem break was a time to brush up on my techniques, everyone else is probably practicing but there I was, up in Camerons, expecting the unexpected. Have faith, kim, have faith. Overcame that eventually :)

This is the Gad family. Taken after Sukan Camerons.

UM has probably the most number of ppl attending Camp Cameron. I prayed that I won't be in the same family with the peeps that I am close with, I don't want to clique with certain ppl that I'm more comfortable with. God knows me best HAHA. Evangelin aka my youngest sis stays in the same hostel as I do, but she rarely attends CF meeting, never had the chance to get to know her better. She is now staying just a few doors away from me, we go to Bible study and Friday meetings together if we are coming from hostel :) I've met Soon Sin during LTR which was the Chinese ministry's Family planning retreat in El Sanctuary. Do see him around now too :) Raee is out of UM, interning now but I saw him during major events like Malam Suai Kenal
The girls 

19 nights in the same room with these lovely ladies. I miss saying good night to them. I miss Grandpa's morning calls / random singing through the hailer. 

Meal time!

Our regular meals will be in 2 round tables, to fit 20 of us. After meals, we'll take turns to wash all the dishes. Actually, we didn't really took turns, we just wash anytime, such joy in doing it together with the siblings haha, oh and the ICY COLD WATER. 

Camp Special. East-Asia Night. Middle row from inside to outside: Grandpa and Grandma, Papa and Mama, Uncle and Aunty :) Fun fact: there are 3 Rachel's in the fam. Rachel Mama, Jie Rachel, and Rachel ;) Jie Rachel went off a few days for her graduation ceremony in Notthingham.

This was our safe place. We shared our lives, struggles, joy, tears and we prayed together. Heard so many real life stories, I am so encouraged. Every night, after every session, we will gather at our family room, write our journals, share and recap for the day.


Besides living with a big family, we had:

-CGK: Chronicles of God's Kingdom which is a walk-through the whole bible series (Old Testament and New Testament)
-RR: Redeeming relationship series (week 1. with God and self, week 2. family, friends, courtship and gender, week 3. with the world)
-Wordilicious investigator: Bible study is not that dull at all after this :)
-Camp specials
-Siesta ;)

Great time to disconnect from the internet, the signal at Chefoo wasn't very good. I couldn't do it, here's why: Few days into camp, my paternal grandma fell, broke her hip-leg bone and was admitted to my uni's hospital. My grandma is at her 90's, she has been healthy, no problem eating or walking, just that her eyesight is deteriorating, that's probably why she fell outside the house. I get updates from my family through Whatsapp, I called my dad a few times throughout camp to ask how she was and also how dad is coping with regular hospital visits and his work. I was worried, over-worried. I wasn't there for the family physically, if I was around, I can share the responsibility with dad, lighten his burden. Sis was a great help, drove to the hospital after her classes to visit grandma. The extended family came from Johor to visit. Pastors and church members came to visit and prayed for her. I shared my fears with Grandma Grace and the Gad fam prayed about it. Surgery was postponed because her body wasn't at the right condition to take it. Cutting the story short, but not forgetting God's faithfulness, grandma accepted Christ, finally, after years of praying, dad was so happy, it was on the 7th of July, Sunday :) I was so happy that I can't contain it, I had to tell someone about it but it was during the period of silence on Sunday. Grandpa Ray happened to pas by and as I shared with him, I was in tears and he was too :') Surgery was finally done. Will continue grandma's story next time. Above all, God is good.

A pic of me and Grandpa Ray. I think I was talking about something happy yet serious hence the expression on Grandpa's face LOL.

She who have journeyed with me for so many years, even before this blog existed, and in this 20 days camp. Am blessed, for the times we are together, and even when we are physically far apart. The same God we believe in brought us together to this camp. Once in a lifetime experience :)

This 20 days are not just precious memory to keep forever, it is put to use now as I've "graduated" from camp. "Give me life in Thy ways" will always be my prayer. There won't be Camp Cam next year due to EARC. Camp Cam is for uni students, if you have the chance, do go for it and see what God can do through you :)
God bless you! :)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hello October!

0 blog post for September :(( crazybusyhectic. SIGH. 

Nevertheless, it was a blessed month of September. One of the highlights? Helped out in Birds and Bees camp. About 90+ 12 year old campers. In them, I saw how I used to be when I was 12. Memories flooded. God is SO GOOD all these years :') A new song I learned from camp. It's the theme song. Have a listen :)

Matt Redman - Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

How could they say there is no God?
What am I gonna do with this life You gave me? 

More updates? Year 2 started, currently in week 4, weekly recital is next week. And it's convo week this week! :D *excited* cuz my seniors are graduating LOL. Off to bed!

God bless you peeps! ♥

Sunday, 18 August 2013

KL International Jazz Festival - UNESCO International Jazz Day 2013

On the 30th of April 2013, I was a volunteer for UNESCO International Jazz Day. It was suppose to be KL International Jazz Festival but due to GE13, it was postponed to the 14th of September 2013. Not too late to blog about my experience :)

Taken at the end of the day
Standby at 7am and went back to my hostel at 1+am, long day indeed.

Only 3 first year students were in the volunteering team, most of our seniors were Jazz majors. As a classical pianist, I would love to learn more about jazz, hence, getting myself involved in such events.
Volunteer tag

Since I am a music student in University of Malaya, our department gave each of us a free ticket. I didn't need the ticket as I was volunteering. If I knew earlier that we were given free ticket, I may have hesitated on volunteering but no regrets at all :) Some of my course mates couldn't make it to the event which means we have extra free tickets. Used them to bless our uni mates who are music lovers. I understand it's not affordable for students.

Sound check

FREE Masterclasses :)

Piano masterclass by David Helbock

Drum masterclass

I was assigned to handle the Merchandise and CD booth with my batch-mate, Jason. I didn't get to watch the whole concert, only bits and pieces. Nevertheless, I had fun talking to music lovers who supported music by buying CDs and I gained experience from my job scope :) I was so occupied that I did not manage to have a picture with the artistes. It was nice meeting new peeps from SAE and not so new person, Sapphira who was my companion for the day ♥

More information about the upcoming KL international Jazz Festival, please visit their FB page: 

Taken from their FB page:
KL International Jazz Festival 2013

Thanks for reading, God bless and see you :) 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

#nowplaying Made in the USA

Thought I'll blog more on what I listen at this point of time. #musicnerd ;) LOL.

Was listening to Demi's album on Spotify, when "Made in the USA" came on, I was like, this is catchy. The lyrics, vocals and music wise: rock-ish in the beginning, liking the beat/bass, then there's the country-ish style and a bit of military drums. Have a listen if you have not :)


Our love runs deep like a chevy
If you fall I'll fall with you baby
Cause that's the way we like to do it
That's the way we like

You run around open doors like a gentleman
Tell me girl every day you're my everything
Cause that's the way you like to do it
That's the way you like

Just a little West Coast, and a bit of sunshine
Hair blowing in the wind, losing track of time
Just you and I, just you and I
Woah, woah

No matter how far we go, I want the whole world to know
I want you bad, and I wont have it any other way
No matter what the people say,
I know that we'll never break
Cause our love was made, made in the USA
Made in the USA, yeah

You always reading my mind like a letter
When I'm cold, you're there like a sweater
Cause that's the way we like to do it
That's the way we like
And never ever let the world get the best of you
Every night we're apart, I'm still next to you
Cause that's the way I like to do it
That's the way I like

We touch down on the east coast
Dinner in the sky rise, winter is the best time for walking in the city lights
You and I, you and I
Woah woah

Cause baby I'll bite the bullet
And take the blow for love
Woahhhh, our love was made in the usa
Made in the usa, made in the usa

God bless and good morning :)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Catchup with the peeps :)

6th August 2013

Due to the raya holiday, the initial venue set was not opened *the horror*. Thank God I checked their FB page the night before, actually, during midnight, after I came home from an evening out with Myan (that shall be another post). It is not easy to get everyone to come but as the meet up is being initiated, those who have the heart to come will make it :)

3 generations of STKCU comms. Thanks for making it, I'm honoured :)

with my batch :)
We are all in different places now, UPM being the nearest and Indonesia, the furthest.

Miao Fen, the senior :)

Remember we said that we'll go to Camp Cameron together? Me and Klin actually did :) EnTze, I hope you'll be able to go in 2 years time, life-changing experience :)

Bumped into Yuyu and JiaWai in SCM, which makes this a Librarian meetup hahas! :D

and of course, KC who is now my bestie's bf, helped to snap some group pics, thank you bro ^_^ I requested many retakes though, can't help it, and you know why :P A happy nerdy pic of us.

Didn't get to have deep conversations with everyone present due to time and place factor, but your presence brought encouragement, at least to me :) God has been working in our lives even after our F6 days. Those days of serving in CU together... ahh good memories :) Can't wait for Klin's thanksgiving dinner. How generous of her family to have us over again. More catchup then ♥

Thanks for reading. God bless you too :)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July ♥

I've been away from home for 27 days in total. Here's a summary of what happened in July.

Camp Cameron 2013

1st-20th of July, 20 days up in Cameron Highlands.
My beloved Gad family ♥ Grandparents, Uncle, Aunty, Papa, Mama, Kors, Jies, Didi and meimei :) taken during our 1st outing.

24th-30th of July was Committee Planning Retreat (CPR)

The awesome PKVUM aka UMCF committee of 2013/2014 landed at Sabah :) 

God is so amazing. As I recall everything that I've gone through in July, I'm just so speechless. Yes, IDK WHY I am speechless and not be poetic or write something like a song LOL. *sigh* nvm. but 1 thing's for sure, I'm just so grateful for what has happened. I'm prepared for more challenges ahead as He gives me life in His ways. Theory exam on the 3rd, jiayou-ing now. Bye July, see you soon August! ♥

*record broke. 1st and only post of the month LOL

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sunway Lagoon outing

22 of my batch mates: Due to some personal matters like family and have yet to finish a final English paper, 3 of them couldn't make it. 19 of us headed to Sunway, 12 to lagoon while the other 7 went to Pyramid.

19 of us. Bright sunny day.

There is a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion for students (bring your student ID!), so it's RM60 per person. The lockers inside are priced at RM 15 for small ones (cannot be reopened, will be charged again) and RM 30 for the larger ones (can be reopened). For me personally, after visiting Sunway Lagoon again after so many years, it did had some improvements :) 

BUT, for someone one like me who has been to USS twice in 6 months, I can say that Lagoon could be more tourist-friendly. They do not provide space at the side for you to leave your things before you head for the roller-coaster, you have to either take the risk, leaving your bag somewhere nearby OR put in the locker which isn't near the ride. I took the risk, I need my water bottle :( 

Not quite worth it for senior citizens to go. My popo went to USS with us during CNY, there are many performances held at the streets, attractions that are educational like "Lights, Camera, Action!" and less extreme rides like the ones in "Far, far away", that is suitable for the elderly.

Water-coolers were placed almost everywhere convenient around USS, and lockers are placed beside extreme rides that requires you to carry nothing but yourself, it's FREE for the 1st 30mins, enough to have a ride, come back, get your stuff and proceed to the next ride LOL. Of course, I do pay more for USS but it was worth every SGD. Without the B1F1 promo, I don't think I will go :x Just giving my HONEST opinion, I still love Malaysia kays ;)

If you've been to USS and not yet to Lagoon, there is NO single-rider lane. Even if you have extra cash, there is NO express pass to be purchased, so try to avoid going during peak seasons.

Not many pics were taken as most of the time, we kept our valuable cameras and phones in the locker. USS trip? We managed to have tonnes of pics taken using the DSLR. Sorry DSLR users heading to Lagoon, you either get someone to take care of your DSLR while you go enjoy your ride OR snap your pics and watch others enjoy the ride *true story*

No re-entry, once you're in Lagoon, you can't go out to Pyramid, jalan-jalan then come back and enter Lagoon again. I wonder why, they allowed that last time though. I thought that will actually boost Sunway's business LOL.
I do hope I got my facts right, do correct me, nicely, no offense :)

My fave ride? VUVUZELA :D I had to go open the locker for my course mates who were leaving earlier (the key is the wristband I wore), so when I got back, I was the only one in-line for the ride. I asked the staff if I can ride the float alone *LOL* but he said nope, minimum 4 pax. oh well. I joined 2 pair of couples from the Philippines, friendly ppl. They were surprised when I told them I'm a Malaysian. The other Malaysians ain't friendly? LOL. like meeting random peeps :)

Nevertheless, it was a fun outing despite some miscommunications. It's our first outing together, more to come I hope, and more improvements to be done :)
That's about it I guess :) 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Music showcase 2013 - Synergy

Our 2nd sem's showcase was held on the 23rd of June MAY! 2013. Late post but this is blog-worthy :) Read about the 1st sem's music showcase here. With so many things going on, it's hard to keep track. Many thoughts of the moment is lost now. Oh well. Here's a summary :)

1st year students :D
Special thanks to our "anonymous" friend for giving us a small yet meaningful appreciation gift.

So, why was I the MC? I forgot! like, seriously ._. anyways, so glad that Rachel jie agreed to be my partner :D Last sem, the committee wanted to do a detailed program note so we got the description of the program from the performers. In the end, our lecturer told us to just make a simple one. So, this sem, a simple program note BUT nothing is collected from the performer for the MC's script. Am really grateful for all the performers who co-operated and submitted their program details even though we gave rather last minute notice :')

It was quite tricky to design the script as it has to suit the backstage crew's timing to set-up. The ensembles for this showcase were rather big. Eg: the final performance is a huge ensemble, so the MCs had to describe and explain MORE in order for the music stands, mics etc to be set-up. Googled about Gu-zheng, Joe Hishashi, pronunciation for foreign terms (:O?!) LOL! Well, our pleasure to do so as it is our job to educate the audience. It was very educational for me as well :P 

"Keltainen huone (Yellow Room) is composed by our very own Professor Michael Edgerton when he was in Finland. This piece focuses on the sense of pitch movement of unvoiced sounds that are achieved by highlighting the dominant formant frequencies of the vocal tract. A Painting titled Keltainen huone by Marjatta Hanhijoki was the inspiration for this piece." 

Try reading that OUT LOUD. LOL

OH! AND THE TECHNICAL ERROR PART *hides face*. Just went out and said something impromptu. Thank God, lovely audience we had :)

Besides MC-ing, Rachel and I were performing as well. Timing has to be just nice for us to change our clothes. Yea, I'm in the choir again this sem, wasn't my 1st choice but oh well, God has His purposes. The choir didn't have a conductor until few days before the showcase, we decided to have one. Long story short, I was the conductor. Good side? I didn't have to change my clothes which takes time LOL


From my FB cover photo description:

"Always love singing in a choir but conducting is something totally new and different. Music Showcase 2013 - Synergy was my 1st time conducting in front of my course mates, lecturers and a crowd, with 0 knowledge on conducting, less than 4 days to prepare ( I had to emcee as well) *the horror?!*
Nevertheless, I just want to say THANK YOU. Yes, YOU there. From the bottom of my heart. For the opportunity given, to learn from my mistakes and grow. No regrets.
To my fellow choir members, thank you for giving me the confidence, what do I do without all of you? :')
Grateful. Blessed.
=Nella Fantasia & Ode to Joy="

Would like to thank those who came and supported the showcase. FULL HOUSE! OH and Suez came! :D haha. There are many other pics, posting some here, you can stalk the rest on my FB ;)

My cousie bro who is studying medicine in UKM FB msg.ed me and made reservation for 5 tickets just a day before showcase! :D Tall genes ;) The last time I met him was during CNY back in Johor.

some of the PKV-ians who came. Wern Jun and Boon Aun :)

12th college CC family bros, Yee Seng and Qi Hang :)

Preparation for showcase: This is the 1st time we have a ticketing system for showcase. Price was fixed at RM5 per ticket, instead of the controversial "entrance by donation of RM5". Of course, for that we went through quite a bit *phew* And 1st time, we have online reservation, we didn't expect such an overwhelming response! Publicity is my thing: updating the FB event page, the department's page, promote promote! LOL. okay, I exaggerated, not that radical :P 

As a whole, we improved, performance and management wise. Good job, course mates! :D and by course mates I meant batch mates and seniors :) Icing on the cake? One of our lecturers posted a FB status congratulating us, so thoughtful :) IDK what happened to our advisor, ok, didn't expect nything pun ._.

I couldn't have done all these without God. Before the showcase, as me and Rachel are preparing ourselves mentally and emotionally (lol), we took a moment of silence and prayed, later joined by another course mate who saw us. We just uphold everything to God. Mind you, this is not some "holy molly christian-ey" thing, it's just to acknowledge that there is a God watching over us :) Thanks for reading! God bless you :)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

University of Malaya-Music Department's Shirt!

With my favourite girls
Simple yet meaningful design. Front: Treble and Bass cleft representing music, is close to our hearts, our heartbeat. See the heart shape? Back: Where we are from :)

It's like a dream come true :') Wait, let me explain here. Our seniors came out with a shirt design for their 2nd semester's showcase. For my batch, we thought we didn't want to do the same. Instead of a showcase shirt, we wanted to make a department shirt. Quite practical as we can wear it for any of our department's event or just pick a random day (Department shirt day? ;)) and wear it during class. Definitely, there were some obstacles we had to go through, getting approval from lecturers(?), support from seniors. Some weren't comfortable with the change. We said we want UBAH (change) in our country but change happens even in our daily lives, not just as a nation. Summary,  the course mates came up with the designs, posted on our FB group for votes, Caryn's design had the most votes and there we have our department shirt *YAY* Glad we persevered in making this shirt and did not give in when ppl told us we can't or it's hard, if not this wouldn't have been accomplished. Hard work paid off! :D Oh, and some of our lecturers bought the shirt!

And we wore it during our examination! :D
22 of us from the 2012/2013 batch

It has been 2 wonderful sems with my batch mates. Year 2 is waiting! :)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Principal study Year 1 sem 2

My personal, honest thoughts

Prelude and Fugue in Eb Major WTC 876 

Nice huh? :) I like it too. Such music by J.S.Bach ♥ Fugue was a challenge for me when it comes to memorizing + bringing out theme in the 4 different voices (if that makes sense). Didn't memorize it well enough. Before entering uni, I've learned this piece briefly then stopped for reasons I can't recall. Good to be able to learn this completely now.

Sonata in E major. Op 14 no. 1
There are 3 movements, this is the 1st movement

I like jugak :P I've learned this piece's 1st movement for my grade 8 exam, learned the other 2 movements for own leisure. Never memorized it. So during the sem break, it's revision time for me. Yes, we start to learn our pieces during sem break, a bit difficult to cope if we start learning when the new sem begins.

Chopin's Etude in A minor. Op 10 no. 2

The only piece that I did not choose myself. Great exercise for my 3-4-5th fingers. I played much slower that what you saw in the video above. Among the 3 pieces, this is technically challenging. Hand and finger ache halfway through the piece. I know the notes inside my head but my fingers just can't play the keys when my arm aches so badly, how frustrating :( the question is, why did my lecturer chose this piece for me? What is the learning outcome? (LOL.ed at learning outcome, like what I use to see on textbooks before a new chapter begins) Challenge accepted, I played this during my weekly recital, instead of Sonata which I'm much confident in. I couldn't have done it without God's grace. right arm major aching after that T.T wrong technique I guess *sigh*

It began at 9am, I was the 9th on the list, 11 am slot. Didn't want to hurt my eyes so I went with glasses, lack of eye-shut time. I reached practice room around 9.30 am to change, warm-up and run-through certain sections of my pieces. Course mates who were before me came out of the jury room happily, said that they did not have to play much of their pieces, they didn't memorize fully anyway. I was like "ok, well, our pieces are quite long so I guess it's normal to stop us halfway".

* * unspoken
" " spoken
=this is not the EXACT account as I have terrible memory= 
Went in. Gave the books of my pieces to the jurors. Sat at the piano. Jurors sipping coffee. I wait for instructions. 

Sight-reading seems to be the SAME as last sem's ._.

"Scale in A major." 
A major?! That is last sem's syllabus, this sem we have to do last 4# and 4bs. Played anyway. A major-F# harmonic-F#melodic-"STOP!" 
*WHAT?! I'm not done with my arpeggios* 
"E minor please" 
So different from Year 1 sem 1's style *click*

Prelude and Fugue 4 pages in total
*plays 1 page + of Prelude* 
"STOP, next"
*(thinks) THE HORROR. plays Fugue, stumbled here and there, trying to recover, played less than 1 page*
"STOP, next. you can use the score if you want to."
"I don't need them actually"

Beethoven Sonata. 3 movements.

*plays 1 page +, that's less than 1 min?*
"STOP, continue with... CHOPIN"
*My other 2 movements? :"(*
It's natural for me to think of the 2nd movement after I played the 1st mov. Quickly switch my brain to Chopin mode.

Chopin Etude, 4 pages

*plays 3 pages*
"STOP" Jurors talk, asking if I'm playing what I hear in my head, some random questions that I didn't bother to answer already 'cuz I don't know how what to think.

STUNNED. What on earth did I get to perform? Of course I get nervous BUT I recover along the way. Cutting me off so fast doesn't allow me to demonstrate what I've been preparing for the whole semester. Even if I did played badly. kindly listen through most of it, I can hear for myself if I performed badly. Judging by first impression? not right, cuz some can play well and mess up later on. Come on, I didn't spend 1 sem + to prepare for that 10 mins, I'm more than that :(

Had to see the lecturer straight after that to discuss about next sem's repertoire as some of my principal study group mates are going back to their hometown in the afternoon. So I went with Xiao Min. The most natural question to ask is "how was final jury?" I thought about it for awhile, while Xiao Min talks. When I did open my mouth and utter my words, I don't know if I'm sad or angry or just disappointed but I felt like I'm gonna breakdown. Stopped talking but inside I'm screaming :( All the lecturer said was, get use to the American style. how helpful. Discussing almost equals to not discussing at all, if I knew how to choose my pieces, I wouldn't need consultation, but of 'cuz, for formality sake, discussed anyway. Not very patient when I'm in that state. Got out of the room after that. Posted a status which took me almost 30 mins to think of how to put my words.

As I walked back to my hostel, I chilled for a bit. Praying or just talking to myself. God is in control. His will be done.

On a happier note, new sunnies to fool around with ^_^

How this drains me physically and emotionally. Rested. HE and Info skill paper next Monday. Keep striving! Thanks for reading. Not easy to digest what I blogged huh, it's ok,  just ranting. Can't handle my honesty? Thank you very much ;) Have a blessed week :)

Friday, 24 May 2013

1 week of mid-sem break

When I blog about events that happened some time ago, I tend to forget the details, little things, that mean a lot sometimes. I will also tend to remember only the good, rarely the bad. Like, eg, MKTH, think it went all well? NO. The makeup by the sponsor was horrible, even a makeup newbie like me did better LOL. nyways, this is some of the things I did for that 1 week break :) 

At our fave hang out spot. Setia SB, the one with the drive-through.
My kehpohs ♥


Peter didi!
Can be a better meetup session, I like how we just sip our drinks, sharing life stories, laugh, joke and all

Went to visit STKCU. no group photo awws. Selca :P flaw of this pic? jeans look baggy at the pockets. Didn't straighten it before snapping this LOL. Good to be back there, the sight of Pn Nita, the juniors, school compound, ahh~ :)

Highlight of the week. Thanksgiving dinner at Klin's place. Although not many ppl turned up, we had a blast! Yummy dinner

Sharing life stories

Guitarist and Song leader of the evening

Skype session with Wynne ♥ She'll be back in JUNE!

SUPER LATE POST. These were before week 8 and now it's almost week 14 :o *phailed blogger*