Sunday, 27 January 2013

wrapping up.

New year reso still ain't out, and it's the end of January. NEED to write it down, Never get to blog something heart-to-heart lately, I got distracted in a good way then forgot what was the case. When something reminds me of it, I have this bit of regret. This shall be a reminder for me. I won't regret :)

Browsing through my RC mate's blog, I know I missed out on many college activities due to my busyness in my own faculty. The course I am doing is something I truly like, wait, LOVE. It was not as easy as a lot of ppl think it is, it was definitely a struggle for me. Blogging this out definitely makes me vulnerable but hey, which human is perfectly tough and strong? :P
TITAS and APK (university courses)- Last minute work, studied through but not well. Praying for a pass, ironic huh? :x

English course (Presentation skills)- ENJOYED IT! had fun :D

Impromptu speech topics.

Theory- doable for sem 1. Sitting for my Grade 8 theory exam this March, the progress is disappointing and I'm the one who is fully responsible of it. *jiayou kim* it's never too late, Imma gaodim Grade 8, by God's grace! :) 

Music ensemble (choir)- fun singing with my course mates. The stress part was during music showcase (without conductor and last minute changes) but we made it :) Have not decided whether to stay or pick a new music ensemble next semester. Want to learn something new, like Gamelan? :)

Aural- The subject that I learned a lot, about hearing intervals, dictating when a short passage of music is being played by Mr Gabe. It wasn't easy as it was something new to me. I'm not perfect pitched, I don't even have good relative pitch. but I worked hard on it, did ear training. Mr Yap helped us a lot for sight-singing, esp for ppl like me who are weak at it. A bit not fair for those who truly want to challenge themselves by really singing on the spot after receiving a short music piece. I believe for sem 2, it won't be as "spoon-feeding" as it was in sem 1. *challenge accepted* :D

Principal study- *LAUGHS FOR A LONG TIME* talked about this in my previous posts, a lot to be improved.
Results are out for music subjects. Thank you, God :')

FESENI camp in progress, but I'm back home. Directionless, this is my 1st FESENI camp, don't know what to do with the choir without a leader, without a direction, no seniors around to guide, and it's sem break! I guess, hard work awaits when sem 2 begins LOL. Priorities... college activities are important but when I have more important task to be done like my studies, that is my priority, I'm being truthfully, I need the time to practice, study and of course, chill from the hectic life. 

More rants to come :P *scare you* 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

王蓝茵 Tangerine The Runaway Project 音乐地图私奔演 2013 at Dotz Cafe 圆。子 咖啡馆

Thanks Myan for introducing good music to me :) She was looking for kaki to accompany her to this performance. She gave me links of  王蓝茵's music and the event page. Of course, I was keen to go, semester break! :D was so afraid my parents wouldn't allow me to go on that day cuz I was having flu and cough but this is something not to be missed! :)
Front door Dotz Cafe 圆。子 咖啡馆
Nice cozy place. It was raining so heavily.

Date of the night

Taken with her new iPad. Scored myself a new FB prof pic LOL. The previous prof pic lasted me since 1st of August 2012 :P

Blurry pic but just to let you have a look of what we had that night.
Top left: Banana chocolate (hot) RM 8
Caramel Macchiato RM10
yeap, don't think Starbucks style. Too bad no pictures on the Menu if not I won't have ordered it :x

The performance began at about 9pm. Not too many ppl. Just nice to fill up the seats. Songs that I've heard long time ago are 恶作剧 and 如果的事. Nice songs :) She sang her new song 我们. Together with Orange they did 2 duets. Vids with Myan, didn't upload :P the show ended at about 10pm.

At the end of the show. Myan likes her compositions. She bought her CD of course :)

Playing with the iPad~

我们 ^_^
playing with front cam pulak :P

Catch her next performance! Details here: *CLICK*
18/01/2013 星期五(9PM)- 圓。子咖啡館 DotZ Cafe (Shah Alam)featuring 橘色人 Orangeman *CHECKED*
01/02/2013 星期五(9PM)- 咖啡家 Coffee Famille(Sunsuria Avenue)
22/02/2013 星期五(8PM)- Poco Homemade(Bangsar)featuring 陳子超 Keith
09/03/2013 星期六(9PM)- Maco Cafe & Bakery(Sutera, Johor)
(more to be add on)
Dotz Cafe 圆。子 咖啡馆 FB page:

Monday, 21 January 2013

Nuffnang Bloggers’ day-out at Skytrex Adventure Park

Photos taken from FB, some are from my phone. Thank you peeps for those pics :)
High up! How did I got myself there? LOL read on :)

Many of my blogger friends blogged about it so why do I bother blogging the "same" thing? cuz everyone has their part of the story, so I shall blog my part of the story *cheesy smile* When Nuffnang posted about this event, I immediately contacted my kehpohs- Sor Wen aka Gwen ;) and Sen Chen on Twitter. Sen Chen won't be back from Unimas for sem break yet awws but Gwen was very keen so she joined. I've been to Taman Pertanian many times but NEVER for the Skytrex Adventure, sent in my comment as well. Fingers crossed for the both of us to get the invite cuz it was a single invite OR we both don't get LOL. 

This is my 1st event with Nuffnang without a +1, even the F.Y.I. (Favourite Youtube Icons) event has a +1 which I brought Myan~ (haven't blogged about it :x *guilty*) Was kinda afraid of going alone, don't want to feel awkward with literally strangers, plus, how do I tell my parents? I was down with flu and cough so they rather I stayed home. Guess what? We both won the invite. *wohoo*

Transport settled cuz Gwen picked me up from my house, which is approx. 5 mins drive to Taman Pertanian. I told my parents I'm going with Gwen and some other bloggers, they approved! ;) 
Reached around 11.30am

Refreshments before the adventure. Nuffies fed us well :D

Oh, what awkwardness? haha. Everyone is so friendly, Nuffies were helpful ^_^ happy faces. Got to know many new ppl who share the same interest - blogging ~

Met some ppl from my church who were there having a birthday party for their daughter. When they asked "came with friends?" I was like "er..sorta, with bloggers! :)" they went "bloggers?" YES, I'm a blogger ;)

Gwen went for the Extreme challenge while I chose Big Thrill. cuz I'm the "flying-fox" kinda person LOL. With the Big Thrill peeps, in our harness :) No worries about what to do cuz the instructors will give a clear and funny safety briefing, as well as a Training session before the actual adventure begins.

Not a big fan of heights but I enjoyed myself so much :D The weather was PERFECT. not sunny, drizzled a bit but I didn't need sunblock. Thank God :)

 was coughing here and there ._. but to prove that I did not chicken out *hehe* I love flying-fox, do you? :)

Mission accomplished! I CAN'T EXPLAIN the feeling after completing this, good feeling though, you just got to go there and experience it yourself ;) 

This is the place you want to go: Skytrex Adventure Park, Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan. 
Little Adventure RM 35.00
Big Thrill RM 45.00 yes, I didn't have to pay ;)
Extreme Challenge RM 55.00

and of course,

a well-spent Saturday

Thanks for reading. God bless you :)

Friday, 11 January 2013


Yes! Well, compiled all the random clips I took.


Lousy audio with my phone and IDK why. Probably cuz I dropped it N times and I spoiled the mic LOL. That doesn't stop me from doing what I'm doing, I will continue to vlog when I want to :P *evil grin* Truth is, I laughed at myself when I watched this, funny.random. Next vlog will probably be my hostel, faculty or around uni. 

I get questions like, "why don't you grow fat?" if you see the road I take everyday, you'll get why LOL. 
and why can't I make my own meals? cuz there isn't a microwave or stove for that in the hostel. 
and why don't I stay out of campus? cuz I'm car-less and I need the piano to practice, much convenient if I stay in campus.
and yes, some of my course mates stayed overnight at faculty LOL.
and cover? IKR, for fun of cuz. Yet to meet someone with similar musical concept to shoot one, and time is a factor as well. very tempted-lah ._. 

What's up for my sem break? Tutoring Felicia 3 times a week for 2 hours, attended a session of piano class, practice piano, picking sis from the bus stop (she's helping out in church's kindergarten :)), reading book (yes, a book!), blogs, articles, FBTwitterInstaBlog ;) , waiting for the others to have their sem break to have catch-up session! :D 

Thanks for watching. Much appreciated. *LOL!**don't hit me*

Random pics

New year's eve, 31st of Dec 2012
My course mates had a photo-shoot here after our theory final exam as the 2012 sign thingy (IDK what's that called ._.) will be taken down and be replaced with 2013's. This day marks the end of sem 1 for my course, left with 2 university course papers for 3rd and 4th Jan. All the other courses' final exams begins with uni course papers while we end with those papers. Made everyone else jealous but hey, our finals started since 18th Dec and study week does not exist for us lo. Are we even? LOL. Most pics are on FB, here are some not uploaded.

Behold, some music students. Suppose to be a gangster pose LOL. 

Karen and Joan. 
Sweet. Not uploaded cuz of Karen's fringe but I thought it was natural, what do you think? :)

Lunch with the 2 girls at Sushi Tei :9 deprived from good food ke? LOL.

Love talking to them and listening to their point of view on things in life. At night, I went to church for countdown and to meet my family who just got back from their Singapore trip. 2012 was a blessed year indeed. Thank You, God :")

More on uni life

First of all, my room mate! Nope, we don't get to choose room mates here in UM, or at least in my RC. So happen we registered ourselves at our RC one after another, we were placed in the same room. 12th RC's rooms are twin sharing ones, other RCs have 3-4 ppl in a room. Hong Shi's a lovely girl, she's a year younger than I am thanks to matriculation, KL is her hometown LOL, 1st year law student, single ;) *HAHA I hope she doesn't read this :P*

Taken on new year's eve

I brought the necessities just enough for the orientation week as I will be going home that Saturday. Orientation started on Sunday. While most freshies have their family or at least someone with them, I was left alone as my family had to go church ._. Hong Shi came in with her sis together with 3-4 senior volunteers carrying her stuff. She brought literally everything LOL! Now, I use her broom to clean the room, dish detergent using hers (she got it when she went to study matriculation in I.forgot.where, not even half used after about 8 months) good thing about matriculation students, they know what to bring when they are away from home for studies :) She has a cute nickname *shh*

She got herself a new pair of specs and it matches mine! Same brand, same design, just the colour of the sides are slightly different. She just noticed when I pointed that out LOL. Nerds 8D

WeiTang aka Joan! my course mate + RC mate, stays just opposite my room.

Very caring girl from Penang. She gets along with my room mate. Often, she sleeps on my bed when I am home during the weekends or when I go back for my private piano lessons to keep my room mate company because her room mate is away as well LOL. She makes sure I have enough food (or not? LOL), a food lover like me hehes. We are both blur, but she's the champion LOL. Many blur cases, the epic one was her flight back home from Sepang was mistaken to be from Subang, that gave me a huge FRIGHT of my life! Anyway, it's funny and cute to watch us around each other. Great companion :)

She insisted I pose with her cello and she took this pic.

Blessed to meet and to know them in this new environment :) 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Music showcase 2012 - musical journey BTS

22nd of November 2012

Behind the scenes.
It wasn't easy preparing for this showcase. With guidance from mainly a 2nd year senior, the rest of us are 1st years. We just entered uni in September, starting to get used to everything then we had to prepare for this showcase. This is a rather small showcase, next semester's will be in a larger scale. 

I got questions from my friends like,

"is this part of your final exam?" Nope.
"is everyone from your course involved?" nope, and IDK why is it called OUR music course's showcase when only some ppl are involved.
"what is the purpose of this?" er... for fun?

come to think of it, it wasn't for fun. Imagining skipping university courses classes for this, and after this, we had to catch-up on the classes we've missed. A bit ridiculous I would say. My beloved peeps, you know me well that I am more of a positive person, a friend once said WHY do I ALWAYS blog in a happy manner LOL! There IS a positive side of this, you'll read it soon :)

The setting

I WAS in the multimedia group with Sau Man just because nobody had video making experience. IKR, as if I have, non-pro ones ._. I must admit I failed my job. We had to make 2 videos. The trailer was done by Sau Man, I literally did nothing, just final touches. The blame is not all for me to take, I'm using a netbook which cannot support heavy usage like Adobe Final Cut pro, Sau Man decided to do all on her own. Feeling useless, I requested to be placed under the publicity unit. Made the FB event page, inviting ppl, publicising the event, my kind of thing ;) plus Wei Tang is the leader of the unit, easy to get the job done as her room is just opposite mine :)

Many disagreements happened. Entrance by donation then why stating RM5? If we really need the RM 5 to cover the cost of banner, flyers etc, then isn't it better if we sold tickets at the fixed price of RM 5? I remember one of my lecturers mentioned that it would be a hassle cuz it involves buy-and-sell, something to do with tax, authority and stuff, honestly, I don't quite understand, what's the hassle? The Chinese Orchestra can sell tickets of their concert for RM10. Ppl who bought tickets will be more responsible as they've spent that amount, they will sit through the concert. I tell you, it was chaotic on the day of showcase. Ppl coming in very late, they had to wait til the end of the performance that is going on before we can open the door from them to come in. Some are understanding, some just don't get why they have to wait. 

After discussing again, they decided to change it to any amount of donation, the day itself, just moments before the showcase. They as in the officers. IDK why they are in-charged of this, when I thought we were the main ppl, they should just assist us on our request. Do you actually understand the word donation? ._. Another problem with donation is that we have to worry about the money collection on the day of showcase. If we sold tickets, the amount of money would have been collected already before the day of showcase. 

At the video recording room

The 2nd video was suppose to be a video showing the committees, unit by unit. Just a week before showcase, during the meeting with officers, they decided not to have the draggy one-by-one-unit's-picture-coming-out video, just a simple group photo will do. The day of showcase during the last rehearsal, they said it was TOO SIMPLE. so no video is played before the showcase starts. 

Good thing is, that made me FREE to be super girl LOL. Before the showcase, got the projector to project the posterdid some ushering downstairs, during showcase did some of the lights then went down to help the backstage peeps to move stuff then pop on stage to perform in choir. Super anot? HAHA

walkie-talkie. Jakun me, never play with this before LOL

The seniors did not expect such a big crowd, they didn't plan to let the audience up upstairs...until it got TOO crowded. Those who came earlier than those who were late had to sit at seats that I won't want to be sitting in a concert, seriously; those who were late get to sit upstairs, perfect view wey. Unfair I would say. I had to entertain few ppl that requested to go up but the order given was to fill up EVERY seat in the hall before they can go up. You can't expect those single seat at the sides to be filled unless someone came alone LOL. I truly apologise, have to follow order since it's our first showcase. And to those who came early, the doors were opened late cuz of our inefficiency, last min kelam-kabutness to get some "vip among us" seated =.= We WILL learn from our mistakes, OK, I will :)


The program note was finalised on the day itself *chaotic TTM*. The initial one had detailed description, then it was disapproved by our lecturer. When the simplified one came out, many spelling errors, errors that cannot be accepted. I was ushering then a man came up to me, said that the repertoires this time are more of classical music. True. That sorta shows that he is probably some music ppl. He then pointed out the spelling mistakes, I didn't know how to react, I probably just gave him a smile and invited him into the hall ._. Despite all the flaws, I received some positive comments from the audience. Many of them walked from their RCs, it was at night and it rained. I'm touched, so encouraged :) Thank you all for coming and supporting :') 

Some pics taken from FB hehes. 
Wern Jun, Cherie, Clement and Sopia, PKV peeps :)

Nevertheless, smiling wide and bright :)

Fell down. At the beginning of the day of showcase. Clumsy me. Truly, it's strength from above helped me through the busy day. Only felt the very pain feeling after showcase LOL :')

Hate to give excuses that I don't have time to practice my pieces cuz of showcase. If only showcase is PART of our finals, I bet everyone will be more motivated to get the job done and well ;) just speaking out the truth. Praying for the next showcase that we will have more control than those who only talk, never do job and make us do work ppl. And of course, God is in control above all. Lengthy-draggy-chionghei post, thanks for reading and take care peeps! :)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Mr. Gabe's farewell performance at Alexis Bistro, Ampang

This is the first music performance I attend this year :D Mr Gabriel Evans is my uni's jazz lecturer. He's going back to the States :( Hence, this performance is not to be missed. The 1st show was on 2013.1.4, many of my batch mates went that night since it was after our final paper but for me, dearies first OK :P 

The next day (5/1/1/3), I was at home, looking at the pictures taken by my batch mates flooding over my FB news feed, *argh*, I decided to go LOL. I drove back to uni that night and picked Karen-my date ^^ Thank God for her presence, I got lost even with the GPS, map not updated/unclear instructions when it comes to KL road :/ :x and bear in mind, this is my FIRST TIME driving that far in KL, the furthest I've gone is from home to uni, a bit out of hand :x don't tell my parents LOL. At least I wasn't alone and she was patient with the lousy driver. Thank you :) The performance was scheduled to start at about 10pm and of course, we were late but nvm, thank God for safe journey :) My first time at Alexis Bistro. Many first times for me LOL. Caryn came with her parents, such supportive parents :)

We were the only 1st year students among the rest.
Caryn. Kim. Karen. 

Oh, admission is free btw BUT it is very much advisable to dine while enjoying great music. Delicious food + great live music + lovely date = er, you got to experience it ;) LOL! thatwascheesyLOL

Black forest cake & raspberry + cranberry soda

The band. Piano (Mr Gabe). Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, trombone, bass and drums.

UM students + our beloved lecturer, Mr Gabe after the show

Wonderful night of chilling and enjoying great music. We miss you, Mr Gabe! Take care. Wondering if Mr Yap will take over Mr Gabe's part in our Aural and Musicianship class. hmm. Guess what time I got back to my RC? :P Thanks for reading! Got the mood to blog hehe. God bless you peeps :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013


On this special Friday, 2013.1.4 (which means I love you forever), I finished my final paper of year 1 sem 1 which was Basic Entrepreneurship . *jumps* Straight after my paper, I packed up, waited for Myan, Yuyu and Eil to come pick me up from my residential college. The girls had their day out at Bangsar and PJ area earlier on. We headed to Klang for our dinner at about 8pm with the rest + Jiayee, Wenping and Shuyin :)

The Dearies I love :) @ Wenping's room

Yummy dinner at Soon Wah Restaurant, Bekerley, Klang. 5 dishes including the Tofu soup :9

Wenping's back from Aussie for her break, Eil is going back to India, won't be back home til June, I'm having my sem break, Myan is starting her new sem, the Utar-ians? I have no idea LOL. We had that little time to catch-up :/ Precious moments. We don't contact each other everyday but when we have meet-ups, we do make effort to come and I don't feel awkward at all despite not meeting/talking to them for quite some time. Strong foundation of friendship? perhaps :) not forgetting the rest who couldn't make it. We miss you all! Til next time. Take care and God bless :')

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Principal study Year 1 sem 1

This is like a part 2 of the story LOL. blogged about the Etude that I learned *click*

We are required to have 3 pieces in our Year 1 sem 1 repertoire: 

-Chopin's Etude, 
-Bach's Prelude and Fugue OR 2 invention and 
-Scarlatti's Sonata. 

For my final jury/principal study's final exam, I started with a given scale in G. 
G major-E minor harmonic-E minor melodic-G major arpeggios- E minor arpeggios- dominant seventh (D)-and diminished seventh (B). 
Next is sight reading. The order of my pieces, Etude, Sonata then PnF.

My hands are all aching when I finished my Etude. When practicing, I tried playing PnF after my Etude, my Prelude turned out bad, no strength for the speed with my aching hands :( so re-arranged my pieces' order. 

Domenico Scarlatti Sonata in E major K380

I really like this Sonata but time does not allow me to enjoy playing it for long. Memorizing it should be easy but in such a short time, NO, it wasn't easy. This is the last piece I learned among the 3 pieces. Thank God I played it through during final jury. 

Bach PnF in D minor BWV 875

I like this PnF too LOL! didn't play my Fugue well, I'm serious, lost my momentum, didn't secure my memory, getting a B- would be a miracle. Nevertheless, #likeaboss, did end the piece anyway instead of the juries telling me to stop playing whatsortofpositivethinkingisthis.
if there is a recording of this, I really no.eye.see :(

Looking forward to my next sem. Beethoven sonata, PnF and Chopin Etude HOHO. I realized a major prob for the Beethoven Sonata I've chosen, there is an interval of more than an octave on my left hand which I cannot reach AT ALL. I hope I can omit the top note lo if not, got to choose a new sonata? IDK. I shall ask my tutor first. not easy at all, to learn all 3 new pieces in sem 1. Got to learn them quick, play well and memorize properly. It's tiring. mind-fried. but I'm glad I went through this, with God's strength and guidance. #grateful :) For sem 2, since the repertoire has been set, I shall learn up my pieces. Oh, and brush up my theory :)

Thanks for reading. Happy sem break to me and my course mates. To the rest, Happy studying! God bless you :) and, BLESSED NEW YEAR 2013!