Sunday, 6 January 2013


On this special Friday, 2013.1.4 (which means I love you forever), I finished my final paper of year 1 sem 1 which was Basic Entrepreneurship . *jumps* Straight after my paper, I packed up, waited for Myan, Yuyu and Eil to come pick me up from my residential college. The girls had their day out at Bangsar and PJ area earlier on. We headed to Klang for our dinner at about 8pm with the rest + Jiayee, Wenping and Shuyin :)

The Dearies I love :) @ Wenping's room

Yummy dinner at Soon Wah Restaurant, Bekerley, Klang. 5 dishes including the Tofu soup :9

Wenping's back from Aussie for her break, Eil is going back to India, won't be back home til June, I'm having my sem break, Myan is starting her new sem, the Utar-ians? I have no idea LOL. We had that little time to catch-up :/ Precious moments. We don't contact each other everyday but when we have meet-ups, we do make effort to come and I don't feel awkward at all despite not meeting/talking to them for quite some time. Strong foundation of friendship? perhaps :) not forgetting the rest who couldn't make it. We miss you all! Til next time. Take care and God bless :')