Friday, 11 January 2013


Yes! Well, compiled all the random clips I took.


Lousy audio with my phone and IDK why. Probably cuz I dropped it N times and I spoiled the mic LOL. That doesn't stop me from doing what I'm doing, I will continue to vlog when I want to :P *evil grin* Truth is, I laughed at myself when I watched this, funny.random. Next vlog will probably be my hostel, faculty or around uni. 

I get questions like, "why don't you grow fat?" if you see the road I take everyday, you'll get why LOL. 
and why can't I make my own meals? cuz there isn't a microwave or stove for that in the hostel. 
and why don't I stay out of campus? cuz I'm car-less and I need the piano to practice, much convenient if I stay in campus.
and yes, some of my course mates stayed overnight at faculty LOL.
and cover? IKR, for fun of cuz. Yet to meet someone with similar musical concept to shoot one, and time is a factor as well. very tempted-lah ._. 

What's up for my sem break? Tutoring Felicia 3 times a week for 2 hours, attended a session of piano class, practice piano, picking sis from the bus stop (she's helping out in church's kindergarten :)), reading book (yes, a book!), blogs, articles, FBTwitterInstaBlog ;) , waiting for the others to have their sem break to have catch-up session! :D 

Thanks for watching. Much appreciated. *LOL!**don't hit me*