Friday, 11 January 2013

More on uni life

First of all, my room mate! Nope, we don't get to choose room mates here in UM, or at least in my RC. So happen we registered ourselves at our RC one after another, we were placed in the same room. 12th RC's rooms are twin sharing ones, other RCs have 3-4 ppl in a room. Hong Shi's a lovely girl, she's a year younger than I am thanks to matriculation, KL is her hometown LOL, 1st year law student, single ;) *HAHA I hope she doesn't read this :P*

Taken on new year's eve

I brought the necessities just enough for the orientation week as I will be going home that Saturday. Orientation started on Sunday. While most freshies have their family or at least someone with them, I was left alone as my family had to go church ._. Hong Shi came in with her sis together with 3-4 senior volunteers carrying her stuff. She brought literally everything LOL! Now, I use her broom to clean the room, dish detergent using hers (she got it when she went to study matriculation in I.forgot.where, not even half used after about 8 months) good thing about matriculation students, they know what to bring when they are away from home for studies :) She has a cute nickname *shh*

She got herself a new pair of specs and it matches mine! Same brand, same design, just the colour of the sides are slightly different. She just noticed when I pointed that out LOL. Nerds 8D

WeiTang aka Joan! my course mate + RC mate, stays just opposite my room.

Very caring girl from Penang. She gets along with my room mate. Often, she sleeps on my bed when I am home during the weekends or when I go back for my private piano lessons to keep my room mate company because her room mate is away as well LOL. She makes sure I have enough food (or not? LOL), a food lover like me hehes. We are both blur, but she's the champion LOL. Many blur cases, the epic one was her flight back home from Sepang was mistaken to be from Subang, that gave me a huge FRIGHT of my life! Anyway, it's funny and cute to watch us around each other. Great companion :)

She insisted I pose with her cello and she took this pic.

Blessed to meet and to know them in this new environment :)