Monday, 7 January 2013

Mr. Gabe's farewell performance at Alexis Bistro, Ampang

This is the first music performance I attend this year :D Mr Gabriel Evans is my uni's jazz lecturer. He's going back to the States :( Hence, this performance is not to be missed. The 1st show was on 2013.1.4, many of my batch mates went that night since it was after our final paper but for me, dearies first OK :P 

The next day (5/1/1/3), I was at home, looking at the pictures taken by my batch mates flooding over my FB news feed, *argh*, I decided to go LOL. I drove back to uni that night and picked Karen-my date ^^ Thank God for her presence, I got lost even with the GPS, map not updated/unclear instructions when it comes to KL road :/ :x and bear in mind, this is my FIRST TIME driving that far in KL, the furthest I've gone is from home to uni, a bit out of hand :x don't tell my parents LOL. At least I wasn't alone and she was patient with the lousy driver. Thank you :) The performance was scheduled to start at about 10pm and of course, we were late but nvm, thank God for safe journey :) My first time at Alexis Bistro. Many first times for me LOL. Caryn came with her parents, such supportive parents :)

We were the only 1st year students among the rest.
Caryn. Kim. Karen. 

Oh, admission is free btw BUT it is very much advisable to dine while enjoying great music. Delicious food + great live music + lovely date = er, you got to experience it ;) LOL! thatwascheesyLOL

Black forest cake & raspberry + cranberry soda

The band. Piano (Mr Gabe). Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, trombone, bass and drums.

UM students + our beloved lecturer, Mr Gabe after the show

Wonderful night of chilling and enjoying great music. We miss you, Mr Gabe! Take care. Wondering if Mr Yap will take over Mr Gabe's part in our Aural and Musicianship class. hmm. Guess what time I got back to my RC? :P Thanks for reading! Got the mood to blog hehe. God bless you peeps :)