Thursday, 10 January 2013

Music showcase 2012 - musical journey BTS

22nd of November 2012

Behind the scenes.
It wasn't easy preparing for this showcase. With guidance from mainly a 2nd year senior, the rest of us are 1st years. We just entered uni in September, starting to get used to everything then we had to prepare for this showcase. This is a rather small showcase, next semester's will be in a larger scale. 

I got questions from my friends like,

"is this part of your final exam?" Nope.
"is everyone from your course involved?" nope, and IDK why is it called OUR music course's showcase when only some ppl are involved.
"what is the purpose of this?" er... for fun?

come to think of it, it wasn't for fun. Imagining skipping university courses classes for this, and after this, we had to catch-up on the classes we've missed. A bit ridiculous I would say. My beloved peeps, you know me well that I am more of a positive person, a friend once said WHY do I ALWAYS blog in a happy manner LOL! There IS a positive side of this, you'll read it soon :)

The setting

I WAS in the multimedia group with Sau Man just because nobody had video making experience. IKR, as if I have, non-pro ones ._. I must admit I failed my job. We had to make 2 videos. The trailer was done by Sau Man, I literally did nothing, just final touches. The blame is not all for me to take, I'm using a netbook which cannot support heavy usage like Adobe Final Cut pro, Sau Man decided to do all on her own. Feeling useless, I requested to be placed under the publicity unit. Made the FB event page, inviting ppl, publicising the event, my kind of thing ;) plus Wei Tang is the leader of the unit, easy to get the job done as her room is just opposite mine :)

Many disagreements happened. Entrance by donation then why stating RM5? If we really need the RM 5 to cover the cost of banner, flyers etc, then isn't it better if we sold tickets at the fixed price of RM 5? I remember one of my lecturers mentioned that it would be a hassle cuz it involves buy-and-sell, something to do with tax, authority and stuff, honestly, I don't quite understand, what's the hassle? The Chinese Orchestra can sell tickets of their concert for RM10. Ppl who bought tickets will be more responsible as they've spent that amount, they will sit through the concert. I tell you, it was chaotic on the day of showcase. Ppl coming in very late, they had to wait til the end of the performance that is going on before we can open the door from them to come in. Some are understanding, some just don't get why they have to wait. 

After discussing again, they decided to change it to any amount of donation, the day itself, just moments before the showcase. They as in the officers. IDK why they are in-charged of this, when I thought we were the main ppl, they should just assist us on our request. Do you actually understand the word donation? ._. Another problem with donation is that we have to worry about the money collection on the day of showcase. If we sold tickets, the amount of money would have been collected already before the day of showcase. 

At the video recording room

The 2nd video was suppose to be a video showing the committees, unit by unit. Just a week before showcase, during the meeting with officers, they decided not to have the draggy one-by-one-unit's-picture-coming-out video, just a simple group photo will do. The day of showcase during the last rehearsal, they said it was TOO SIMPLE. so no video is played before the showcase starts. 

Good thing is, that made me FREE to be super girl LOL. Before the showcase, got the projector to project the posterdid some ushering downstairs, during showcase did some of the lights then went down to help the backstage peeps to move stuff then pop on stage to perform in choir. Super anot? HAHA

walkie-talkie. Jakun me, never play with this before LOL

The seniors did not expect such a big crowd, they didn't plan to let the audience up upstairs...until it got TOO crowded. Those who came earlier than those who were late had to sit at seats that I won't want to be sitting in a concert, seriously; those who were late get to sit upstairs, perfect view wey. Unfair I would say. I had to entertain few ppl that requested to go up but the order given was to fill up EVERY seat in the hall before they can go up. You can't expect those single seat at the sides to be filled unless someone came alone LOL. I truly apologise, have to follow order since it's our first showcase. And to those who came early, the doors were opened late cuz of our inefficiency, last min kelam-kabutness to get some "vip among us" seated =.= We WILL learn from our mistakes, OK, I will :)


The program note was finalised on the day itself *chaotic TTM*. The initial one had detailed description, then it was disapproved by our lecturer. When the simplified one came out, many spelling errors, errors that cannot be accepted. I was ushering then a man came up to me, said that the repertoires this time are more of classical music. True. That sorta shows that he is probably some music ppl. He then pointed out the spelling mistakes, I didn't know how to react, I probably just gave him a smile and invited him into the hall ._. Despite all the flaws, I received some positive comments from the audience. Many of them walked from their RCs, it was at night and it rained. I'm touched, so encouraged :) Thank you all for coming and supporting :') 

Some pics taken from FB hehes. 
Wern Jun, Cherie, Clement and Sopia, PKV peeps :)

Nevertheless, smiling wide and bright :)

Fell down. At the beginning of the day of showcase. Clumsy me. Truly, it's strength from above helped me through the busy day. Only felt the very pain feeling after showcase LOL :')

Hate to give excuses that I don't have time to practice my pieces cuz of showcase. If only showcase is PART of our finals, I bet everyone will be more motivated to get the job done and well ;) just speaking out the truth. Praying for the next showcase that we will have more control than those who only talk, never do job and make us do work ppl. And of course, God is in control above all. Lengthy-draggy-chionghei post, thanks for reading and take care peeps! :)