Monday, 21 January 2013

Nuffnang Bloggers’ day-out at Skytrex Adventure Park

Photos taken from FB, some are from my phone. Thank you peeps for those pics :)
High up! How did I got myself there? LOL read on :)

Many of my blogger friends blogged about it so why do I bother blogging the "same" thing? cuz everyone has their part of the story, so I shall blog my part of the story *cheesy smile* When Nuffnang posted about this event, I immediately contacted my kehpohs- Sor Wen aka Gwen ;) and Sen Chen on Twitter. Sen Chen won't be back from Unimas for sem break yet awws but Gwen was very keen so she joined. I've been to Taman Pertanian many times but NEVER for the Skytrex Adventure, sent in my comment as well. Fingers crossed for the both of us to get the invite cuz it was a single invite OR we both don't get LOL. 

This is my 1st event with Nuffnang without a +1, even the F.Y.I. (Favourite Youtube Icons) event has a +1 which I brought Myan~ (haven't blogged about it :x *guilty*) Was kinda afraid of going alone, don't want to feel awkward with literally strangers, plus, how do I tell my parents? I was down with flu and cough so they rather I stayed home. Guess what? We both won the invite. *wohoo*

Transport settled cuz Gwen picked me up from my house, which is approx. 5 mins drive to Taman Pertanian. I told my parents I'm going with Gwen and some other bloggers, they approved! ;) 
Reached around 11.30am

Refreshments before the adventure. Nuffies fed us well :D

Oh, what awkwardness? haha. Everyone is so friendly, Nuffies were helpful ^_^ happy faces. Got to know many new ppl who share the same interest - blogging ~

Met some ppl from my church who were there having a birthday party for their daughter. When they asked "came with friends?" I was like "er..sorta, with bloggers! :)" they went "bloggers?" YES, I'm a blogger ;)

Gwen went for the Extreme challenge while I chose Big Thrill. cuz I'm the "flying-fox" kinda person LOL. With the Big Thrill peeps, in our harness :) No worries about what to do cuz the instructors will give a clear and funny safety briefing, as well as a Training session before the actual adventure begins.

Not a big fan of heights but I enjoyed myself so much :D The weather was PERFECT. not sunny, drizzled a bit but I didn't need sunblock. Thank God :)

 was coughing here and there ._. but to prove that I did not chicken out *hehe* I love flying-fox, do you? :)

Mission accomplished! I CAN'T EXPLAIN the feeling after completing this, good feeling though, you just got to go there and experience it yourself ;) 

This is the place you want to go: Skytrex Adventure Park, Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan. 
Little Adventure RM 35.00
Big Thrill RM 45.00 yes, I didn't have to pay ;)
Extreme Challenge RM 55.00

and of course,

a well-spent Saturday

Thanks for reading. God bless you :)