Saturday, 5 January 2013

Principal study Year 1 sem 1

This is like a part 2 of the story LOL. blogged about the Etude that I learned *click*

We are required to have 3 pieces in our Year 1 sem 1 repertoire: 

-Chopin's Etude, 
-Bach's Prelude and Fugue OR 2 invention and 
-Scarlatti's Sonata. 

For my final jury/principal study's final exam, I started with a given scale in G. 
G major-E minor harmonic-E minor melodic-G major arpeggios- E minor arpeggios- dominant seventh (D)-and diminished seventh (B). 
Next is sight reading. The order of my pieces, Etude, Sonata then PnF.

My hands are all aching when I finished my Etude. When practicing, I tried playing PnF after my Etude, my Prelude turned out bad, no strength for the speed with my aching hands :( so re-arranged my pieces' order. 

Domenico Scarlatti Sonata in E major K380

I really like this Sonata but time does not allow me to enjoy playing it for long. Memorizing it should be easy but in such a short time, NO, it wasn't easy. This is the last piece I learned among the 3 pieces. Thank God I played it through during final jury. 

Bach PnF in D minor BWV 875

I like this PnF too LOL! didn't play my Fugue well, I'm serious, lost my momentum, didn't secure my memory, getting a B- would be a miracle. Nevertheless, #likeaboss, did end the piece anyway instead of the juries telling me to stop playing whatsortofpositivethinkingisthis.
if there is a recording of this, I really no.eye.see :(

Looking forward to my next sem. Beethoven sonata, PnF and Chopin Etude HOHO. I realized a major prob for the Beethoven Sonata I've chosen, there is an interval of more than an octave on my left hand which I cannot reach AT ALL. I hope I can omit the top note lo if not, got to choose a new sonata? IDK. I shall ask my tutor first. not easy at all, to learn all 3 new pieces in sem 1. Got to learn them quick, play well and memorize properly. It's tiring. mind-fried. but I'm glad I went through this, with God's strength and guidance. #grateful :) For sem 2, since the repertoire has been set, I shall learn up my pieces. Oh, and brush up my theory :)

Thanks for reading. Happy sem break to me and my course mates. To the rest, Happy studying! God bless you :) and, BLESSED NEW YEAR 2013!