Friday, 11 January 2013

Random pics

New year's eve, 31st of Dec 2012
My course mates had a photo-shoot here after our theory final exam as the 2012 sign thingy (IDK what's that called ._.) will be taken down and be replaced with 2013's. This day marks the end of sem 1 for my course, left with 2 university course papers for 3rd and 4th Jan. All the other courses' final exams begins with uni course papers while we end with those papers. Made everyone else jealous but hey, our finals started since 18th Dec and study week does not exist for us lo. Are we even? LOL. Most pics are on FB, here are some not uploaded.

Behold, some music students. Suppose to be a gangster pose LOL. 

Karen and Joan. 
Sweet. Not uploaded cuz of Karen's fringe but I thought it was natural, what do you think? :)

Lunch with the 2 girls at Sushi Tei :9 deprived from good food ke? LOL.

Love talking to them and listening to their point of view on things in life. At night, I went to church for countdown and to meet my family who just got back from their Singapore trip. 2012 was a blessed year indeed. Thank You, God :")