Tuesday, 22 January 2013

王蓝茵 Tangerine The Runaway Project 音乐地图私奔演 2013 at Dotz Cafe 圆。子 咖啡馆

Thanks Myan for introducing good music to me :) She was looking for kaki to accompany her to this performance. She gave me links of  王蓝茵's music and the event page. Of course, I was keen to go, semester break! :D was so afraid my parents wouldn't allow me to go on that day cuz I was having flu and cough but this is something not to be missed! :)
Front door Dotz Cafe 圆。子 咖啡馆
Nice cozy place. It was raining so heavily.

Date of the night

Taken with her new iPad. Scored myself a new FB prof pic LOL. The previous prof pic lasted me since 1st of August 2012 :P

Blurry pic but just to let you have a look of what we had that night.
Top left: Banana chocolate (hot) RM 8
Caramel Macchiato RM10
yeap, don't think Starbucks style. Too bad no pictures on the Menu if not I won't have ordered it :x

The performance began at about 9pm. Not too many ppl. Just nice to fill up the seats. Songs that I've heard long time ago are 恶作剧 and 如果的事. Nice songs :) She sang her new song 我们. Together with Orange they did 2 duets. Vids with Myan, didn't upload :P the show ended at about 10pm.

At the end of the show. Myan likes her compositions. She bought her CD of course :)

Playing with the iPad~

我们 ^_^
playing with front cam pulak :P

Catch her next performance! Details here: *CLICK*
18/01/2013 星期五(9PM)- 圓。子咖啡館 DotZ Cafe (Shah Alam)featuring 橘色人 Orangeman *CHECKED*
01/02/2013 星期五(9PM)- 咖啡家 Coffee Famille(Sunsuria Avenue)
22/02/2013 星期五(8PM)- Poco Homemade(Bangsar)featuring 陳子超 Keith
09/03/2013 星期六(9PM)- Maco Cafe & Bakery(Sutera, Johor)
(more to be add on)
Dotz Cafe 圆。子 咖啡馆 FB page: https://www.facebook.com/dotzcafe