Sunday, 27 January 2013

wrapping up.

New year reso still ain't out, and it's the end of January. NEED to write it down, Never get to blog something heart-to-heart lately, I got distracted in a good way then forgot what was the case. When something reminds me of it, I have this bit of regret. This shall be a reminder for me. I won't regret :)

Browsing through my RC mate's blog, I know I missed out on many college activities due to my busyness in my own faculty. The course I am doing is something I truly like, wait, LOVE. It was not as easy as a lot of ppl think it is, it was definitely a struggle for me. Blogging this out definitely makes me vulnerable but hey, which human is perfectly tough and strong? :P
TITAS and APK (university courses)- Last minute work, studied through but not well. Praying for a pass, ironic huh? :x

English course (Presentation skills)- ENJOYED IT! had fun :D

Impromptu speech topics.

Theory- doable for sem 1. Sitting for my Grade 8 theory exam this March, the progress is disappointing and I'm the one who is fully responsible of it. *jiayou kim* it's never too late, Imma gaodim Grade 8, by God's grace! :) 

Music ensemble (choir)- fun singing with my course mates. The stress part was during music showcase (without conductor and last minute changes) but we made it :) Have not decided whether to stay or pick a new music ensemble next semester. Want to learn something new, like Gamelan? :)

Aural- The subject that I learned a lot, about hearing intervals, dictating when a short passage of music is being played by Mr Gabe. It wasn't easy as it was something new to me. I'm not perfect pitched, I don't even have good relative pitch. but I worked hard on it, did ear training. Mr Yap helped us a lot for sight-singing, esp for ppl like me who are weak at it. A bit not fair for those who truly want to challenge themselves by really singing on the spot after receiving a short music piece. I believe for sem 2, it won't be as "spoon-feeding" as it was in sem 1. *challenge accepted* :D

Principal study- *LAUGHS FOR A LONG TIME* talked about this in my previous posts, a lot to be improved.
Results are out for music subjects. Thank you, God :')

FESENI camp in progress, but I'm back home. Directionless, this is my 1st FESENI camp, don't know what to do with the choir without a leader, without a direction, no seniors around to guide, and it's sem break! I guess, hard work awaits when sem 2 begins LOL. Priorities... college activities are important but when I have more important task to be done like my studies, that is my priority, I'm being truthfully, I need the time to practice, study and of course, chill from the hectic life. 

More rants to come :P *scare you*