Sunday, 10 February 2013

Broga Hill

7th of February 2013
Stayed over at Klin's house the night before as we have to start our journey to Broga Hill at about 4am. I've been to Broga Hill for a night hike during Scripture Union's Words Surfer's camp or something back in my Form 2 days? LOL. So long ago! 

Hiking tips and reminders:
-Wear long track pants. It's rather cold early in the morning. To prevent mosquito bites too ;)
-Wear proper shoes with good grip.
-Bring along a small towel 'cuz you'll be sweating quite a lot.
-Bring water bottle. Not too big ones.
-Bring torchlight! 
- Eat something light before the hike &/ bring some food to eat. (Klin made us yummy healthy muffins :9 )

The 10 of us took almost an hour or so to reach the top. We wanted to catch the sunrise which we did but no sight of round orangey sun as it was quite cloudy. Pretty crescent moon though ^_^ (it doesn't show on my phone cam)

Some of the peeps. Chilling, catching up while waiting for the sun to rise.

Broga hill kimzhiyi

Between EnTze and Klin :)

So nice to catch-up with my girls esp. Amazing how God moves in their lives. We served together in KHCU and STKCU, that's a long time together. Now they're studying in Sabah and Kelantan respectively. Can't wait for Camp Cameron (which I nearly forgot the existence of it until Klin mentioned.) Not forgetting the rest of the ppl, had a great time of sharing life stories, how they adapt to a new environment, new friends, their courses etc. Overall, it was a good hike. Everyone was so helpful to one another. The trail was rather slippery as it rained the day before but no worries, good buddies around ^_^ Some ppl want to climb Mount Kinabalu in 4 years time *woots*

on our way back

BKT Brunch at Pandamaran, Klang

2nd round. My first time at Blackball!

of course after all that, we went home and have a good rest *ZZZzzz*

Sneaky Klin tried to sneak this into my bag when I went to the toilet at her house. FAILED :P Nevertheless, so touched :") always so thoughtful of her ♥

It's the 1st day of CNY as I'm blogging this. Chillaxing day~ Tmr will be a busy one cuz many of my relatives are coming over. Have a blessed Chinese New Year, peeps. Happy collecting ang pows as they are a form of blessing from our elders to us. To me, the ka-ching doesn't matter, they give sincerely, I receive it with gratefulness :) To those who are travelling, have a safe journey yea. God bless you! ♥