Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Jubilee Project

Jubilee Project consists of Jason, Eddie, and Eric. They make videos for a cause. To be honest, their videos are very inspiring. Don't ask me to choose which one is my favorite video, cuz I like basically ALL of them. Some videos impacted me more than the rest cuz I can relate to them more. I subscribed to JP some time ago so I won't miss out on their updates. Their latest video? Check it out! it's under Jeremy Lin's channel though :)

The last pick - Jeremy Lin

I recommend watching behind the scenes. Jeremy Lin is just so... humble? He is so passionate with what he's doing. In this video, he inspires another young life. AND of course, life's not always a smooth sail. Chris reminds Jeremy of what he said to him :)
"You're young and you're going to keep growing. Just try to get better everyday"

Do check out their other vids (like, Fireflies, Dear Daniel, Picture perfect, Diabetes Type 2, so many more!). Hope to share my thoughts here but sometimes can't get the right words to describe it LOL. You just got to watch the vids to understand how I felt, yet, different ppl feels differently, so watch and share your thoughts with me if you like to :)
#DGiC - Doing good is contagious :D 
Thanks for reading. God bless you! ♥