Wednesday, 13 March 2013

*CPR-ing bloggie*

WHAT IS THE WRONG WITH ME?! Even at my busiest STPM days, I still have time to reflect and blog. but now? :( so many to update, blog debts that seem impossible to clear. Gonna blog, quick. Bear with my grammar mistakes :x
Studies is ok, can be more motivated, productive and be more reminded of my purpose here. 
College activities- choir practices. FESENI paperwork. Travelling back home for piano class, back at night for choir. *letih* Dear Myan's birthday on the lucky number day (feeling bad for not being able to be with her on her big day but will definitely have a belated celebration for her). Theory exam this coming Saturday. Choir competition on Sunday.
On one tired Friday, I just lay flat on the couch before DG, my soul is tired. 
"I've never seen you this tired before"
It's draining me. Trying to pick up the pieces, trying to be a friend yet careful not to hurt a sensitive person. I humbly admit I'm at fault but I'm not the only one to be blamed. Avoid me all you can but friend, you must be tired as well. I pray for you, that you'll experience God more. Why do I bother when that person is ignoring me and all? Why do I bother at all? cuz God cares.
I won't lie. It hasn't been easy, but I won't forget I have God. Drawing strength from Him.
Am grateful for the ppl around me, KK mates, course mates, the panda kor Yu Hong, PKV-ians, and many more. Not forgetting my loved ones who are physically far away from  me. Yes, I miss you all so much. I just don't say it out a lot :') 
Frankly speaking, I like it when my close friends read my blog. It shows that you are making the effort to know my thoughts, what's happening etc. Why don't I just update you personally? Well... hm... :X I don't know if I will annoy you with my rants BUT if you read this, obviously, you CHOSE to read it, no pressure :P hahahah *idontmakesense* Now I wonder who reads :P eheheheh, perasan TTM. 
A song to end this post. Heard this while walking alone in Midvalley. At that moment, suddenly it just speaks my heart out.
B-e-a-utiful- Megan Nicole
I'm left to wonder will I ever fall in love
And where is he now

I don't want to get involved with some random person. I don't want dramas. Just recently, one super random + rather shocking incident, left me wondering why this happened to me ._. Thank God I didn't have to face it alone. Blessed to have a protective spiritual sibling, case settled :) and the random FB comments we did is *LOL!*  The girls laughed so hard at the whole story, thanks kitty and doraemon ._. 

Thanks for reading ♥ feel so vulnerable to open up. but you know what, feeling much better. Keep me in your prayers. God bless you :)